A really good view of things

From Alice:


This came up on Billie’s Tumblr feed and I thought that it was rather appropriate and worth reblogging.


Hope you had a great Christmas

From Alice:


Good morning, we have had a very lovely couple of days over Christmas, just myself and Mick.
I finished work last Friday and went and had Friday night and Saturday over with John, billie was kept busy getting ready for Christmas with food shopping and preparations, he had finished his present shopping rather early in December But with John heading off on the morning of Christmas Eve to spend the festive period with one of his daughters. So on the Sunday Morning I arrived home to my billie.
Once I got home billie welcomed me and helped me to unpack my overnight bag while I showered. Once I was dried I had billie go and get changed to Mick and we started our Christmas. We spent the afternoon putting the final prep for the Christmas dinner and then wrapping the last of the Christmas presents
Come the evening we both settled down for the night, a bottle of wine and a cuddle together on the couch. By 11pm we were both ready for bed and we both went and had a shared shower prior to bed and at that point I removed Micks chastity.
I’d say that he had been a good boy and deserved to get released. I have to admit that I have been quite mean to him by teasing him relentlessly over the last few weeks and he has been so good, taking my teasing and really going that little bit further to please me, I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Yes he did get his treat that evening and also on Christmas morning – lucky boi!
Christmas day was lovely and we have a day just to ourselves, the only interruptions were phone calls from our nieces to wish us a good Christmas. We opened presents in the morning after breakfast, which I cooked –yes I can still work the kitchen. Where we live we have some really nice woods and fields so after Christmas dinner and a little rest to let things settle we wrap up warm and then go for an afternoon walk.
Boxing day was slightly more involved as I go down to the stables and meet with a couple of the other girls down there and we head out for a 2 hour hack. Mick met us half way round our ride out to provide the 6 of us with hot Mulled Wine. There is a country park near by and it is a great place to horse ride around and it seems to have become a bit of a tradition for us.
I spent the rest of the afternoon warming up after my morning out in the cold – the hot wine had been very welcome.
Come the evening I put Mick back into his Chastity, but not back into billie role.
So what now, well we are going to head to Leicestershire later this morning to have this afternoon and evening with my family and then we will be home tomorrow afternoon. Mick will transform back to Billie once we are back as he will have jobs to do to get ready as will be having Carol and kerri coming to us for the New Year, they will arrive on Saturday evening and be with us until the 2nd of January. So it will be a very Girlie New Year.
Well I hope that you have all had a good Christmas and hopefully we will see you all in the New Year. We’ll see what 2018 brings.
Best Wishes for the Season

When you have a Drip, get it fixed.

From Mistress Alice:

Alice in weird land

the weekend is over and we think that we have dealt with Billie’s leakage problem – for a short while anyway.

Billie is finishing off cleaning up after dinner and I’ve told him to get an early night, he has had a busy weekend, well we both have but particularly him, bless him!

As mentioned in his previous post he has been having a slight leakage problem.  now I will confess that I have not helped –  not one bit, which I know is very mean of me but wow does it turn me on, oh yes!  I have pretty much spent the last 2 weeks coming back from work, have a bath (often having billie wash me) and then spend the rest of the evening in lingerie teasing my poor caged sissy husband.

I know it has been torment for billie but it has been fun for me.  normally I will milk him every 10 days or so or use my strap on, but seeing how he has been over the last couple of weeks brought out my wicked streak.

I’ve been building his frustration, we have played this game in the past, often where I will make him beg to be fucked by me with the strap on and on occasion we have done it with John.   Now I will always discuss it with John before hand to make sure that he is on board with it and that he is Ok with participating and pretty much he is happy to oblige.

But John does have rules.  John is great for this as he get the fact that this is an element of our FLR and it should be done as part of the humiliation and submission fantasy for billie.  John will tie it in with the submission and emasculation of the cuckold and his basic rules are:

  1. Billie must ask/beg to be fucked and it must be sincere.
  2. billie must earn the “privilege” of being fucked by providing oral worship and fluffing –  this will generally be more involved that the usual weekend worship activities.
  3. Billie will not be “entertained” until his Mistress has been pleasured –  this generally means that billie will be fucked for the first time as he cleans John cum from me.
  4. Billie’s chastity must be in place through out the weekend.
  5. Billie must be clean and ready to be fucked at any point over the weekend, he can be fucked anywhere in the house but it will only take place when his Mistress is present – John has been quite specific about this as he likes this to add to the Alpha/ Beta element of the cuckold relationship between us all.
  6. Billie will be required to fit a butt plug after being used and keep the cum in him until told otherwise by his Mistress or Masters.
  7. Billie will consume any cum that he may leak or that may come from a sissy anal orgasm.


These are the basic rules that are used and were fully in play for this weekend.  On Wednesday I told billie to put some thought to the weekend’s lingerie choices for both of us, I wanted billie to select matching sets of underwear for each of us that would mean that we would be wearing the same styles.  I also told him that we would be spending the bulk of the weekend in just our lingerie for John –  no maids outfit for billie, just one of his white aprons when he was serving.

John really loves to see me (and billie for that matter) wearing a Basque, stockings and heels, so billie was told to select basques for both of us for Saturday night.

I chatted with John on Thursday night and told him of what my plan was and while he chuckled at it I wasn’t quite ready for the text that he sent to both myself and billie when I was at work on Friday – “To my girls – don’t bother with knickers and panties this weekend, neither of you will need them, Love John XXX” – a nice touch I thought.  So when I got home that afternoon/ evening billie had laid out my first outfit of a Black Satin Waspie with 6 suspenders, Fully Fashioned stockings, a Quarter Cup Bra and a pair of Black knee high boots. Clearly my knickers were staying in the drawer.

When I came out of the bath billie was waiting to help me get ready, in a very similar outfit.  rather than knee high boots he had a pair of ankle boots that I got for him from a charity shop  and his stockings weren’t Fully Fashioned but still seamed.

Once dressed I added a black bead choker for me and a leather collar for billie.  a bit of light makeup for both of us and small spray of perfume.  We were both ready for John to arrive.

John arrived at about 8pm and the fun started for the evening and John didn’t disappoint.  by the end of the night billie had given 2 blowjobs, John fucked me twice and billie provided me with 3 lovely orgasms orally while being fucked twice by John.  We nearly had an anal orgasm from billie but it wasn’t to be on the Friday night, that was something to be Billie’s treat on Saturday night.

We both teased billie throughout Saturday.  billie was made to sit and watch John and I have anal sex in the morning,  This is probably the one thing that Mick misses in our sex life, as since we have had a FLR I won’t let him have anal sex with me as I feel that it involves more of a submissive nature, so to that end it is out of bounds for my husband but I will have anal with billie, clearly with him being the penetrated partner.  but with my Boyfriend is another matter.

By the evening we were both is our basques, stockings and heels and I must say I was very impress with billie.


we settled down for an evening of watching TV, some wine for all of us and we were either side of John on the Sofa.  Things started with his hands on each of our legs and ended up with John and I kissing ( a lot) and John’s hand going to the back of billies head and pushing him down onto his lap and taking his lovely cock into his mouth.  every now and again John would break our kissing to comment things like ” Keep it slow sissy!  Look at you husband he seems to be enjoying himself” ” such a good cocksucker aren’t you billie” etc, while they must have been humiliating to billie they also seemed to turn him on even more.

The evening built up and ended with all three of us back up in the bedroom and both billie and I kneeling side by side and john taking  each of us in the ass in turn, while both billie and I shared kisses.  I’m not sure if there was any submission in this evening’s activities but it certainly was very very erotic and yes Billie did cum, purely from being fucked.

The whole evening was very intense and exhausting, billie was definitely tired at the end of it and we all spent the night cuddled all together in the bed and I was very pleased with billie.

Sunday was definitely a slower day and we all had a late start, I had billie shower with me in the morning – yes I was starting his teasing again! Oh how nasty am I!  but I think he has another 10 days to build up his frustrations again!

John left us at about 3pm but not until I had billie give him another BJ as a way of saying thank you for making him cum.

so I think billie has earned an early night – what do you think?

Have I been too hard on billie?  Am I being too harsh with my teasing to build up his frustrations?

Oh I do love him in so many ways, I’ve a very lucky Mistress and Wife.tumblr_mdun7vjiwp1rndinto1_500

Drip, Drip, Drip

It has nearly been a calendar month since I was put into chastity.  The chastity has been removed twice a week for cleaning and shaving/ hair removal, but on each occasion it has been supervised by Madam.

Now normally this isn’t a drama, I spend a lot of time in one of my chastities and I’m pretty used to it.

But Madam has been particularly mean to me, she clearly has been horny and excited over this period so my oral duties have increased, also she has been spending most evenings after dinner in her lingerie teasing me mercilessly.  and it has been incredibly frustrating.

By the end of week 2 I was starting to notice that I was getting a little bit of leakage normally when I get down and worship her but now at the 4 week point it is a regular occurrence when she at home and showing herself off around the house.

In the first 3 weeks Madam has pegged me with one of her strap ons and that has helped to ease some of the pressure, but only slightly.  but last week was different, no pegging, no butt plugs and my “toy” drawer is out of bounds and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

I was punished with 6 of the crop on Thursday evening for dripping during my discipline review and I have a couple of entries in the book for next Thursday due to my lack of control.

Madam has offered a possible solution, she has given me permission to ask Master John if he will either prostate milk me or fuck me, the only condition is that which ever is chosen it will be done in front of Madam.  Now when Madam says that I can ask, what she actually means is that I will be required to beg Master to relieve me.

On current form I think I will be getting between 12-18 strokes with the crop, so if I don’t want to see that increase the following week I think I will need to be ready to swallow my pride and kneel in front of Madam and Master on Friday evening and ask very nicely ” for some assistance” with my little problem.

Ho Hum, the trials of a submissive…


Winter is coming! Time to change the underwear!

So the clocks changed a couple of weeks ago and the temperature has taken a bit of a drop, we’ve had a few frosts in the morning so things are a bit cooler during the day. So what has this got to do with things for me as Madam’s submissive. Well it means that I’m having to change my underwear.

Don’t panic! I want to make it clear I have been changing and washing my lingerie on a regular basis, what is changing is the style of underwear.

During the cooler months Madam requires me to wear shapewear – pantie girdles and Body Shapers type of things. And once the weather is warmer we move more to suspenders and basques.

The aim is that this ups my restriction while maintaining my shape and posture. It also adds to the humiliation factor. For example today has been a case of a short shaping panty, with an open bottom girdle and a longline bra all finished with a pair of support stockings.

There are a couple of things with this set of foundation wear, firstly you know you are wearing it and there is no getting away from it. The panties hold my chastity firmly and it is important to get that positioned correctly otherwise it is bloody uncomfortable and often you won’t realise until you have the next layer in position or once you start to move about or sit down. Get it right and it can be quite comfortable.

The panties go under the shape wear, so going to the toilet becomes more involved (I know I can hear the Mistress’s shouting “welcome to our world” –I know and I’ve been aware of this for several years.

One of the other factors that come with wearing this type of underwear is that the bras tend to be full cup with wider support/ shoulder straps so Madam requires me to wear a pair of home made breast forms – now Madam had me make a number of these, they are basically created from taking 2 pairs of tan knee high stockings and filling them with things such as risotto rice or sand, so that each one of stockings can be tied off with a set weight. I have sets where each “breast” weighs 0.5 kg, 0.75kg, 1kg and 1.25kg.

Madam requires that I wear the 0.5kg (1kg for the pair) as my normal working set and Madam will set higher weights as either tasks or punishments as she sees fit. I’m now back into the habit with the breasts and the foundation wear does hold them in place well, I just need to get used to and adjust my movements to cope with the changes to my centre of balance with different heel heights and also when Madam directs that I use a different weight of breasts.


I have several pairs of panty girdle, some deep suspender belts, open bottom girdles, long line bras, corselettes and body shapers.

Madam also loves her shape wear and has several items from companies such as https://www.whatkatiedid.com, https://www.kissmedeadly.co.uk/ and https://www.swankypins.co.uk/ . it isn’t unusual for Madam to require me to wear the same style of underwear that she will be wearing for the day, as is the case today – Madam has been at work wearing a set of black What Katie Did underwear (less the pantie girdle) and I’ve worn a similar set in white.

Master also likes Madam wearing her shapewear, particular where it is the sexy vintage type, so last Friday Madam waited for Master wearing a Black Merry Widow with Black fully fashioned stockings , 5 inch heels and a black sheer peignoir. She looked absolutely fantastic but incredibly frustrating for a husband in chastity.

Madam directed that I dress in Black corselette with a very tight pantie girdle and plain top stockings, the pantie held my frustrations in place as well as the medium size butt plug which really didn’t help my situation at all! With the 1 kg breasts and 5 inch heels I spent the evening serving Madam and Master taking very careful mincy little steps, much to their amusement.


There must be something about the shapewear now, in the past it was seen as the type of thing your Mother or Granny wore, but now the vintage shape wear adds a bit more class and sex appeal to it – certainly when Madam wears it, and she does enjoy wearing some of it daily particularly her suspender girdles with her work suits.

For me it is slightly different, I enjoy wearing it because it pleases Madam, she loves the way that it constrains me and holds me, see likes to run her hands over the material and while at times it is uncomfortable or restrictive I know that it pleases Madam and turns her on to have me this way and that is a good enough reason for me to wear it all.

Can Christmas cum soon enough?

At the moment I’m sat in the office with a slight lull between work, having cleared what I needed to do this week and waiting for a skype meeting this afternoon at 2pm. So I thought that I had best give an update on what has been happening here.

Around the web in September on various sites they were talking about “Locktober” and “NOvember” for submissives with chastity’s, Madam was asked on one of the BDSM forums if we would be following these events and having me locked away with my chastity, well the simple answer was No.

I spend the bulk of the time in chastity anyway, but there are times when Madam, wants to be Alice and to have Mick with her, such as last Thursday and Friday. Madam had been working in London for the week and I went to the station to pick her up on Thursday evening and she looked tired, not stressed just physically tired. The early starts and later finishes had just worn her out. As we got home Madam told me that she wanted to have Mick with her so I went and changed and joined her for dinner – as billie I will serve Madam and then eat after, but in this case I opened a bottle of wine, sat down with her and we had dinner as a couple.

Afterwards it was go to the couch and just cuddle and chat for a while, with the TV on as a bit of background noise really. It wasn’t long until she started to flag, so I went and ran a bath for her and once she was bathed we went to bed. As we got to bed Alice unlocked my chastity and we made love as a couple, as a husband and wife do. The Chastity stayed on the bedside cabinet until Saturday lunch time (John was away with his work until Saturday afternoon).

Alice said that I didn’t have to change on Friday and could spend the day as Mick, and while I still focussed on her needs and wants it was as a supportive husband rather than as a submissive husband .

Saturday morning came and as we were having breakfast, we were chatting about what was planned for the weekend – Alice off to the hairdressers that morning and then meeting with John that evening to go to a dinner party – and also a bit further out. Alice stated that she wanted me to put my chastity back in place at lunch time and that it would stay on (apart from my weekly cleaning session) until Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day are always husband and wife time, no family, no John, just Alice and Mick time. Now there is no guarantee that the chastity would be removed and certainly no guarantee that I would be permitted to make love to Alice, but it is our time together and Alice can decide what she wants to do with Mick.

So being locked up until Christmas is not an issue but the difference this time was, other than for cleaning, the cage would not be coming off. Even if Alice wanted an evening with Mick, the cage would stay in place.

Madam did state that she would still be using her strap on and that billie could still use the toys, so it isn’t going to be a completely barren period of time, its just that Madam wants to keep both her and me “focused” on Christmas.

So at lunch time last Saturday, after providing Alice with 3 orgasms and one for me, it was back into chastity and changed back to being billie and Alice went back to being Madam.

So here we are looking forward to Christmas for soooo many reasons! Ho Ho Ho, Seasons Greetings!


An Update – The nights are drawing in

sorry for having been away from the blog but the loss of the internet created a back log of work and also we have been keeping ourselves busy over the past couple of weeks.

So what has been happening, well I am now officially my own Secretary, The office work is now to be done by sissy billie, while Mick only appears when meetings or skype meetings are required.  I managed to achieve the required standard using the typing programme for submissives that Madam had found, the link is below

Sissy Secretary Typing test

Also I had to pass the “interview” at Master’s office, yes very humiliating as I had to travel to the interview on the other side of Milton Keynes for an early evening appointment en-femme to get to Master’s company offices on a small industrial estate and then  go in for the interview.  I had to put a sissy CV together which had it’s particular humiliations and then had to answer questions which were secretarial and business focused but with a sissy slant. There was a practical test which did include a typing test, booking several appointments (booking restaurants for nights out for Master and Madam, booking a hotel reservation by telephone again for my Dominants) and then the last test was no surprise I had to orally serve Master in his office, the only difference was that while I was doing that Master made a call to one of his customers.  Its a strange feeling being on your knees submitting while someone is holding a conversation with some one else – all a bit surreal really.


So what is happening with Madam and at home, well she has been working in London this week but travelling back each evening.  Each evening I have to head into town to pick her up from the Station using her car, as that is the larger car.  As the nights are now darker I’m required to drive in skirt and blouse.

Depending what type of day Madam had had will depend if she get into the back of the car or if she will slide into the front seat next to me.  Often if she is planning on finish a bit of work or phone one of her friends  then it will be the back seat.  but if I’m lucky and Madam is in a playful mood she will occasionally get in the front and let her hands wander, either way Madan always requires me to show that I have my stocking and suspenders on.


Madam will be slightly later tonight as she and a couple of co-workers will be having food and a few drinks in London, so I will be on call to collect her from the station depending on what train she gets.

Well time to have my evening meal and then to turn down Madam’s bed ready for her return.

We’re Back on line!

We’ve managed to survive through a traumatic period, no internet!

10 days ago they were working on the network down in the village and they clearly did the electronic equivalent of touching both terminals on a battery with a spanner!


So we all lost the phones and the internet. Now the mobiles replace the land line but the mobile internet coverage is limited, so there has been a lot of off line work and then head into town, buy a coffee in a small local cafe – not one of the chains of coffee shops, but a small “greasy spoon” cafe that is very clean and works on offering big helpings at good prices – the type of place where if you asked for a skinny latte you’d be thrown out.

But they have Wi-Fi and they they do a good deal on a mug of black coffee and a lump of fruit cake. So business has kept going but the blog has taken a break, but we’ll be able to get some posts done again this week hopefully. So long as the repair has worked!

So watch this space.

Submissive Pride.

This week has been a steady routine type of week, the only difference has been that my work attire for my office is definitely feminine.

I’ve had one Skype meeting and that was simply a case of put on a shirt in the office and stick on a jacket.  the meeting lasted about 40 minutes, job done and then change back.


Having changed back into my blouse and made a coffee I sat at my desk and thought – why do I do this?  Madam isn’t here, I’m not checked on, I’m not really being forced to do this, so why have I done this to myself?

When I finish my house duties in the morning and Madam is off to work, I am pretty much left to my own devices until about 5.30/6pm each day.  It is me that changed into my office attire and I change back out if it just after 4pm.  I could if I wanted just not bother, stick on a  pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt  and slob it.

well before we (Madam and I) agreed to move to skirts as permanent office wear, I would always change into my working cloths – Shirt, smart trousers and shoes with a jacket to hand.  Thinking about it, it was probably professional pride of looking the part.  I’m a Chartered Surveyor and the people I work for want someone that looks and works as a professional.  The other part it allowed me to move from one role to the next, From Domestic servant to Madam to the Technical Consultant and to put my correct “head” on as it were.

So does the new outfit in the office change anything?  No not really – it still puts me in a work/ office mindset and it doesn’t effect how I’m doing things – other than the way I move about the office or how I sit myself down into the chair at the desk.

so why do I do it – It is also that Professional pride part, or rather submissive pride.  Madam would like me to dress this way and I take pride and pleasure from pleasing Madam – even when she isn’t here.  That might be a bit odd or difficult to get your head round if you are not submissive or in a D/s relationship.  but I think that many submissives have little rituals or practices that they do when their Dom isn’t present just because it give the submissive that bit of buzz that they will still serve their Dom, willingly, whether supervised or not.  Is it all part of taking pride in what we do – Serving our Partners to the best that we can?

Well it’s my way of looking at it.


Reality Check and probably a sore bottom!

From Mistress Alice:

Alice in weird land

I’ve just read Billie’s latest entry, explaining what happened at his assessment weekend.

I just need to add a bit of a reality check – our life is not a mad wild constant session of sex and BDSM.  while this is a FLR that we have, for the bulk of the time it is just normal domestic routine. OK I accept most normal relationships don’t have a cuckolded and part feminised husband and a wife with a boyfriend, but it isn’t a complete sex fest.

I’m sure that most of you realise that billie is writing about the highlights and also about his feelings and emotions.  I haven’t set any rules for him other than he, and I can, use the blog to help to think through things that we do and how the FLR does humiliate, frustrate, excite and enhance billie and our relationship.

one of the side effects has already been that it has provided an outlet for both billie and I to explain some of the issues over mental health due to work and the impact on relationships, which has been a very good thing for billie and myself.

And now for the sore bottom part, his portrayal of my friend Carol as the Wicked Witch of the West will get him a few strokes with the crop on Thursday, but actually I think she will be quite pleased with the selected image, but that won’t save billie from his misdemeanour of not checking first.