I’m a 52 year old submissive male that is in a loving relationship with my Mistress Wife, Mistress Alice.  We have been married for 27 years and for the last 15 years we have had a Female Lead Relationship (FLR) and I have been a cuckold for all of that period.

While I am a submissive male, Mistress requires that I crossdress and actively assist in her cuckolding activities.

We know that these activites may shock and bother some people but if you are offended please bear in mind that our life style is a matter that has help to save our marriage and has made the bond between us far stronger.  We love each other very much it is just a different method of how to deal with and how we show it.

We are both well educated and worldly wise.  we had a Vanilla style relationship for the first part of marriage with the occasional trip into kinky, for a bit of bedroom fun, but both of our work lifestyles created stress and tension in our relationship and also into our Lovemaking/ sexlife.  This came to a real point with stress and tension until after a massive verbal fight we both opened up about the issues and problems that we had in life, work, home and love.

The result was that over a couple of months we became more honest with each other and talked about all aspects of our lives and what was wrong with things.

The result was that I changed job, with it’s pay cut but the reduced stress was worth it.  since then I’ve moved to being a part time consultant.  Alice took a change in Career as well.  I took on more responsibilities at Home and things became more balanced between Alice and myself.

In love and sex we were very frank and honest, Alice expressed here bottled up frustration that she wanted to become more in charge and it was almost a breaking point when I blurted out that I wanted to be her submissive and for her to be my Dominant.

And so Mistress Alice was born.  we talked through our thoughts, wants and interests, our limits and things that we would like to try.

The result was that Mistress Alice took charge and sissy billie knelt at her feet and pledged to serve her as her submissive.

so what am I, I am submissive and male.  I must wear lingerie and stockings at all times.  At home I will dress in skirts and dresses and at work it will be lingerie under my suit.  Am I feminine – no, but that is not the point, it is the humiliation and the way that it makes me no longer masculine.  I am kept in chastity and Mistress Alice is my key holder, there is one other person with a key but I will talk about her later.

Mistress Alice enjoys an active sex life with me as her submissive  providing oral worship to her.  She also has a regular Boyfriend, John, and occasionally will meet up with a “fuck buddy”, George, that she has known for a long time.  Mistress Alice also likes to use her strap-on dildo on her submissive and I willing and gratefully accept her dominance over me.

billie xxx