The Trials of a Domestic Maid

We made it back home at about 1pm yesterday after a brief stop in Leighton Buzzard to grab a few groceries to get us through until this morning when I went and did the main shopping run.

I unloaded the car and the bags were all dropped in the hallway.

We had a light lunch and then Alice asked me to run her a bath and then then said “Thank you for a lovely holiday Mick, once you get the bath run I’d like billie to present herself to me in the lounge at 4 pm please.” and with that I (Mick) left the room.

Having ran the bath for Alice, I let her know and then went to the Maids quarters at the back of the house and changed – shower, shave, enema, light make up and then dressed in my working uniform.

At 4pm I presented myself to Madam, a curtsey on entry eyes down and moved to the middle of the room.

“hello billie, dear, I’m glad that you are back, now I want the bags emptied and all laundry done tonight, don’t mix my lingerie with Micks.  I would like some Tea at 6pm in the study, I will be calling John.  I will have dinner at 8 please, something light.”

“I want you to prepare your shopping list for tomorrow and to make sure that the fold out mattress is in my bedroom with the light bedding for Mick to sleep on when my family arrive on sunday.”

I also want you to know that we will be changing your chastity tomorrow morning before you go shopping, well change it to the CB6000 short, I’ll do that with you once I’m dressed and ready, now carry on”

All of this was pretty much expected but the change of chastity cage wasn’t, for the past few months I’ve been wearing a metal variant on the CB6000, and then changed to the plastic CB6000 for the holiday.  The short version takes me a little bit of time to adjust to, so I’m now going to have a few uncomfortable days while I get used to it’s grip.


So the evening was a flurry of loads of washing into the machine, hand washing Madam’s Lingerie and my Lingerie.  Once the laundry was done and on the line and drying rails it was on with the evening meal.


Madam clearly had a good conversation with Master as she seemed in good form when she had her tea in the study, but I was very quickly dismissed to carry on my tasks.

This morning the cage was changed and I now have my small pink cage restraining me and it made my shopping trip to Sainsburys and Lidl a little uncomfortable but I should get used to it by Monday.

I think we are now ready to receive our guests tomorrow.  Madam’s Mother, Sister and one of her Nieces.  Her Brother in Law will join us towards the end of next week – so many women to serve…..



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