New Work Wear

I planned to have this post uploaded last night but we stayed out a bit longer than expected.  Also this morning was an early start to make our way to France for our overnight stop prior to catching the Tunnel tomorrow morning.

So on with the post….

At evening meal last night (Tuesday), we were chatting about a range of things as married couples do, we discussed the visit by family members next week and then a bit about Madam’s bank holiday trip away with Master down to the south coast.  I would be sent to Mistress Carols for my Annual Assessment/ retraining and then we would all meet up for a Get-together (more on that in another post).

Then Madam mentioned that she really enjoyed having me in skirts full time (almost) over the last few weeks mainly due to my 3 days away with work to York.  We discussed the possibility that this would become more the norm.  We rarely have callers, anyone from the business side either books a time to come in or we Skype the meeting.  Added to which the we have a gate with a security camera and we are about a mile away from any neighbours.

Madam, stated that se would like me to wear blouses, skirts and heels full time for work and if required I could just put a tie and jacket on for the skype meetings.  we discussed it and it was all feasible, I (as Mick) did state that just in case I would keep a pair of trousers, a blue and white shirt and a pair of male shoes in the office just incase.

Madam asked why the blue and white shirt not just one – A white shirt would be worn if I had white lingerie on and the blue if I had Black.  This was acceptable and Madam was slightly surprised that I had not objected more about it.  To be honest I was expecting this, Madam was always complementary about  me wearing the skirts and she is right I rarely have any interruptions during the day.

This would negate the punishment for having to wear a skirt for 5 days if I had a full day in male attire, but Mistress Alice was keen that this forfeit was not lost, simply  adapted and modified – I would be required to replace a few of my male trousers for meetings with female trousers, ideally with the zip in the side or at the back.  I would go shopping with Madam for this – an excuse for a London Shopping trip.  This is a worry but I’m sure that we can find something that would work (I hope!)

Madam said that she would like me to develop the correct style and image for working in the office, while she would not want to micro manage my choices, I should pick out a correct set of clothing that she would approve of and that would make it clear that I was a sissy.  she would also think about if I should start to wear a wig in the office area just to add to the look.

Madam had a chuckle and mentioned that perhaps it was time that I took on a Secretary, billie perhaps?  she liked the idea that I would have to answer the phone with ”  XX Consulting, Mr Luff’s phone, billie speaking how may I help?”


Madam has also like the fact that I have been wearing basques to the office during the summer months, she loves the way they hold me. Her only complaint is that they only have 4 suspenders for my stockings  and as a sissy I should have 6 suspenders –  so the task is to purchase a new basque and to modify 2 of my existing basques – wash wear and spare.

(this is the one that I’m ordering from

Madam approved of the choice.

As a final task Madam tasked me to look at getting a new french maids uniform, I’ve had my current one a few years now and Madam feels that I need a new one.  I need to have it ordered and delivered ready for when I go to Mistress Carol’s at the end of the month.  Madam does not want me to show her up infront of her friend and fellow Mistress.


So the internet has been searched, things have been ordered and my Visa card is some what lighter!


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