Sex and the Sissy

From Mistress Alice.

Alice in weird land

Well the holiday is going well and both myself and Mick are enjoying the break away.  It allows us both to relax and spend some husband wife quality time together.  Not that this is the only time in the year when it happens but this is a good break away from things at home.

Now sex is something that is bound to come up as a topic and it probably should be discussed now – I’m having a bit of a rest here while Mick is arranging our trip out tomorrow.

The bottom line is that I don’t have sex with Mick/billie – simple!  I have a wonderfully skilful and well endowed Boyfriend for that type of thing, and boy do we fuck!

However I need to explain a few things, I’ve said that I don’t have sex with Mick/billie when he is in either format – my husband or my sissy.  But we do have intercourse.  Is that a contradiction?  well for me it isn’t.

I love my wonderful partner Mick and when he is in his submissive form, billie, but I don’t want sex with him(them)  what I do want is on occasion is for them to make love to me.  I will let Mick out of the Chastity Cage occasionally and at that point he knows that I need both my emotional and physical needs stratifying.  we both need long foreplay, gentle arousal, caressing and yes I do need his cock.  while it is considerably smaller than John’s it is still very stratifying and it can bring me to orgasm.

I have trained Mick to be a very gentle lover and very considerate and our lovemaking will last all evening.  Yes he get to cum, but he knows that as soon as he does he must ensure that I have my orgasm to complement his, whether that is to continue to use his penis or to get down and bring me to climax using his tongue – eitherway he will have to orally clean me anyway.

There are some basic rules to our lovemaking, I will not give him a blowjob or put his penis in my mouth, that is saved for John, the closest that he gets to that from me is if I see pre-cum or drippage from his caged penis I may lick it with my tongue and then french kiss him to pass it back to him.

The other rule is that he does not get to put his penis in my ass, again this is a privilege kept for John.

Our love making is enjoyable and chastity has made Mick a far more considerate lover.  There is no set pattern to when or where it happens.  We have done it twice since cuming on holiday and that might be why Mick has a spring in his step at the moment – it might happen again tonight, it depends how my mood takes me.

I have slightly been economical with the truth, I do have sex with billie (not Mick) but this is mainly billie orally serving me (when ever I want it) and cleaning me after I have had sex with John.  Also I do have anal sex with billie but that does involve one of my strap-ons or dildos using Billie’s ass (his sissy pussy), and sissy billie can also have some solo fun with one of his “Toys”.

sissy Billie’s does have a sex life and does get lucky to have sex as well.  billie will often provide blowjobs to his Master, John, and occasionally his Master will fuck him.  while I know that billie get pleasure from this it purpose is to ensure that billie understand his emasculated position in the relationship while also to humiliating him and to ensure that he knows he is a cuckold sissy.

There is another occasion when billie is allowed sex but I’m sure that will be explained in more detail at the end of the month, I might get billie to explain that one.

so in conclusion I do not allow Mick/ billie to have sex with me, he does get released as I need him to make love to me (and me to him).  I have sex with billie and billie offers (well sometimes, often he is told) himself to his Master to be used for sex.

Does that all make sense?



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