Pininterest – You are Gits!

well her is my rant, I have like many others a pininterest account and it is pretty good, the only problem is that there are several overly sensitive “people” out there in internet land, and so over the last month I’ve had several of my pins reported.

Fine, no problem which ones?

Pininterest – sorry sir we can’t tell you that, you need to review your content and remove any which may cause offence. (well that could be very wide or very narrow depending on how you look at it!!!)

so I created a separate folder and made it secret (private view only) and moved what I thought were the pictures they wanted removed.

well clearly that didn’t work as they deleted 3 of my public folders (Sissy, Sissy Maids and Sissy Cuckold) and also my secret folder!  Apparently somebody complained again!

Looks like you just can’t win!!ad0d322b8fc8bf243e5020a3776a9d2f



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