New outfits arrive but not the important one

Well over the past week I’ve had several packages arrive and I’ve had to collect them and squirrelled them through the house and store them in the office, as the maids room is locked down.

Madam’s mother noticed the arrivals and was a little curious about what was going on?

“Oh, just a small project that I’m working on, mainly for the office..”

The only issue is that the new maids outfit has not arrived yet, I’m hoping it will arrive today so that I can get it prepared tomorrow (Ironed, starched etc) ready for my early departure on Wednesday to Mistress Carol’s.  otherwise it will be the trusty old uniform and I’ll be punished for disappointing Madam who was keen to have me in my new uniform for the assessment.

So please Mister Postman……. otherwise….


The Letter arrived yesterday

I was due to post yesterday while Madam and the others were out horse riding but Madam’s mother stayed back, as planned but her usual afternoon nap didn’t occur.  she wanted to catch up with me and what had been going on with my life.

while this initially caught me off guard there was nothing untoward, she just wanted to chat and natter.  but it meant forgoing the trip to the office and the blog post.

Today everyone has gone out on an expedition to London and the plan is that they will have some food, I will be on standby to pick them up from the station.

On Tuesday night Madam and I were chatting and she reminded me (I couldn’t forget) that I would be going to Mistress Carol’s for the first part of the August Bank Holiday and my instructions would be arriving by post soon.  I asked Madam if she knew what was planned for this visit and she just smiled which was as good an answer as I needed.

Basically this is my Annual training assessment as a submissive, if you like it is “an external assessment”, this was instigated years ago by Madam and Mistress Carol to make sure that I wasn’t slacking or short changing my Mistress.  I normally go down on the Wednesday prior to the Bank Holiday and serve as a Maid at Mistress Carol’s until the Saturday afternoon.

Madam and Master use the weekend as their getaway and often head down to the South Coast, this year they have a cottage booked in Dorset.  this is their time together as a couple.

The last part of the weekend is then normally a big get-together where Mistress Carol, her Gentleman friend, kerri and I then travel down to the cottage (or where ever has been booked ) and we have a bit of a party – eat drink and make “merry”.  This normally entails myself and kerri in maid uniforms serving our betters.  it is normally a fun way to finish off the weekend – (although will always be at least one element of humiliation and punishment incorporated into the events.)

This year is slightly different as the cottage could not be booked for the whole weekend, it is a lovely place near Weymouth and we had it booked for August Bank Holiday last year, but I knew that we could only get it for part of the weekend.  Master was content with that (he pays for it – I have to book it and arrange it)  so Madam and Master only have it until Saturday.  Master told me at the time not to worry as he would sort out accommodation for the Saturday and Sunday night, and with that assurance I never gave it any further thought.

Madam updated me on what the plan would be for the weekend.  Master and Madam would go to the cottage until Saturday lunch time and then head to a small country hotel near Bournemouth, 3 rooms had been booked, one for each of the couples.  I looked at Madam and she answered me before I could ask – “John and Myself in one double, Carol and Danny in another double,” I was expecting the next to be ” and you and kerri in a twin”

No! no that isn’t what Madam said.

” and you and kerri booked into the Third Double room.  you’ve been booked in as a married couple so there should be no misunderstandings with the staff.”  I’m not sure if Madam then laughed at me going red with shame or because she new that this was the start of my weekends humiliation task.

This is going to a public element of humiliation, I know that there will be more parts to this and I know that they will be trickled out to me so that the feelings of shame and humiliation will build, Madam also knows that it will give me a sexual buzz doing it and complying with it.

The staff of the hotel are just going to be the unwitting bystanders –  they will probably be perfectly fine with what they think is a same sex couple staying in their establishment, but it will be the public elements that will be witnessed by my Mistresses and their Partners.  I will have to wait and see what the next part of the planned weekend will be.


The letter from Mistress Carol arrived with yesterdays post (along with several packages that I had ordered for my outfit revamp as directed by Madam while we were on holiday).  when I say letter, I actually mean an Order/ Instruction arrived.

sissy billie is to present herself at Mistress Carol’s address for a 3 day maid and submissive assessment.  Billie is to be enfemme for the whole period and should bring appropriate attire to serve in all roles of a maid – domestic, formal, sissy and slut.

I must be in chastity (not a problem) and I must arrive enfemme at no later than 10am on Wednesday 23 Aug 17 – (this is a problem!).  No trousers are permitted (oh Bugger!)

I’m not a passible sissy, I’m shaved in areas and not in others, so trying to be passible is not on the cards.  yes I do have a couple of cheap and cheerful wigs which we use for times like these but they are not good quality items – more fancy dress than anything else.

so here is the plan.  I will wake Madam next Wednesday at her usual time and help her get ready.  Master John will come over and collect her midmorning.  I will go and get changed into travelling attire.  I’ll spend time doing my make up and then fitting one of the wigs.  I will then ask Madam to check me over, and adjust as required.  The journey normally takes 90 minute down to the south of Reading but with morning traffic I’m expecting it to be nearer 2 hours.  I’ve worked out that staying off the Motorway is best as there is more likelihood of being looked at by curious passengers on there so the plan is to use A roads to get down there – the A418, A404 and a short stint on the M4.  no matter what there will be a sissy on the road next Wednesday heading south.  keep your eyes posted you never know what you might see.

Now that I have a bit of warning of what is coming I can start to mentally prepare for the trials to come.  I should be used to it now but it is these things that keep our relationship fresh and exciting – is that a bad thing?


Its not the Questions that you ask, it is when you ask the Question?

From Mistress Alice

Alice in weird land

Billie woke me this morning with his usual submissive tenderness and once I started to wake – you can’t sleep through it – I thought how lucky I am.

sissy did a lovely job, he does have a very good tongue, but I did have to ask how is he managing with the change of cage?  From his answer I think he is getting more comfortable with it but there are times when it causes some discomfort.  I wonder if I contribute to that discomfort…. I do hope so!


Busy Day, so just a short post.

Madam is at work today so I am hosting the family and we are heading out for the day.

But Madam thought that it would be worth posting these.


I will have some time tomorrow to post as Madam will be telling me the details tonight of the August Bank Holiday and my visit to Mistress Carol.

Sexual Orientation – Confused?

I’ve been told to make the use of the time while everyone is out of the house and I can be occupied in my office.

Madam has already explained what the situation is in relation to me (Mick and billie) in terms of sex and love making.  Madam has tasked me with explaining what our sexual orientations are.

Prior to the start of the FLR in our lives we were heterosexual and adventurous.  Oral both ways, anal (penetration of Madam by Mick and Madam using vibrators on Mick’s arse).  no great shakes there.  we had watched Porn with lesbian but very little of male gay sex or male bisexuality.  we had watched some porn with Interracial and also cuckolding (at the time we didn’t know the term cuckolding).

with the decision made that we needed to move toward a FLR relationship we both researched what it would mean.  Alice did far more that me as I was still on the mend from being “broken”.

Mistress Carol, was a real godsend to Alice and as I got better I watched Alice grow and develop into being Mistress Alice.  Her trips down to Mistress Carol’s would bring her back refreshed and more confident.  we had lots of chats and Alice didn’t hide anything from me.  She had seen how Mistress Carol ran her FLR with her husband, kerri, and Alice liked quite a lot of that type of relationship.  not all of it, but many elements to it appealed to her .

Alice explained that Kerri was fully feminised while at home (and the occasional time outside) and that Mistress Carol also cuckolded him/her.  Alice explained that she wanted some feminisation for me but not full feminisation as she new that the humiliation element needed to be a bit stronger with me – so by holding onto some elements of my male physical appearance while in female apparel we could achieve the desired effect.

it was also explained that Carol had a long term boyfriend/ partner that provided male company and sex for her.  she had cuckolded kerri with this Gentleman and that kerri was an active participant in this cuckolding – Alice explained what cuckolding was and the different types of levels/ involvement.

Alice also explained that she had had her first full on Bisexual experience with Carol and had really enjoyed it and she fully intended to continue with this relationship. (Alice made it clear that she was not looking for multiple partners).

Alice explained that she liked the idea of having a steady boyfriend for sex and would like to cuckold me.  I could understand why, the level of stress that I had in life at that point had made my sex life non existent (or just a car crash event!)and my ability to maintain an erection was difficult.  her one stipulation was that if she found the right type of person then she would want me to be like kerri and to take part and to help with the cuckolding activities.  while initially this scared me with a little research and also a lot of conversations with Alice, Carol and kerri I tentatively agreed, but it was on the condition that we needed to be very careful about who she selected as a boyfriend and how to introduce them into our FLR – we are both professionals and there was our families to consider (well Alice’s mainly as mine had pretty much disowned me years ago.)

Alice also explained that I (as billie) would undergo training to become a better submissive, to learn how to serve and worship the stronger sex and also she would train me to become a cock sucker and to take cock in my arse –  I would either embrace bisexuality or we would engage in (a controlled) forced bi activities.

Mistress Carol and Madam had discussed things and my training programme and as part of that kerri would help with my sexual training.  if I embraced bisexuality them I would probably become kerri’s boy/girlfriend.

Mistress Carol and Sissy kerri were very good trainers.  Mistress Alice learned how to use her strapon toys to develop me, and also having to eat my own cum after making love to Mistress or after masturbating contributed to ensure my steady slide to accepting bisexuality.

I went to stay with Mistress Carol and kerri for a couple of months (almost as part of my recuperation) and it may sound odd to those outside the D/s world but it is incredibly stress releasing to be a submissive sissy maid, to focus on serving others and to stop being worried about things that are often beyond our control.  I enjoyed it – yes I was spanked and caned.  yes I spent time in bondage and with my nose against a wall while my Mistress and her friend, Mistress Carol had lesbian sex in the same room as me.  even the humiliation (verbal, physical, emotional) all worked to pull me back from being mentally broken.

(my one bit of advice – if you are under stress at work and you are in a high pressure environment then going and being a submissive to your wife or to a Mistress for an hour, a day or a week will do wonders for you.  give yourself to a Dominant and it will help you to release some of that stress.)

As part of that training I was eventually required to share a room and bed with kerri.  he/she is quite a bit younger that me but was very accepting and help to teach me what it was to be a submissive, how to conduct myself and eventually I was made to suck her sissy clit (I’m not allowed to refer to her male parts as a cock or ass, she has a sissy clit and a sissy pussy -this may seem all very pedantic but it is an important part of being a submissive sissy).  kerri was also allow to fuck me, and later she made love to me (more foreplay, more feeling and more emotional involvement).

Madam, explained that there was 2 aims to this sexual training, she wanted me to have a safe and controlled sexual partner – a girlfriend – in the form of kerri (Mistress Carol was looking for the same for kerri with me) and also to prepare me for serving both Madam and her boyfriend, once she had found the right one.

By the end of my training (and Mistress Alice’s training) with Mistress Carol I was very comfortable with my sexuality as being bisexual.  Yes kerri and billie are girlfriends and Mistress Carol and Mistress Alice are Girlfriends.  that is still the case now 14/15 years on.

I do sexually serve Master John and while it does create a massive sexual turn on, also the there is a greater turn on from the  sexual humiliation of sexually submitting to a Master.  There are elements of the Force Bi in there but it all adds into the sexual and erotic emotional mix that is in Mine and Mistress’s FLR sexual orientation.  Madam openly admits she gets an incredible sexual buzz from watching me give head to a real cock or being fucked by her male partner.

I think that it is safe to say that Madam and billie are very much of the bisexual orientation

(afternote – we have a very small sexual group.  we don’t swing or swap.  the group has 6 of us and that is a small and closed network – Madam, Master John, Mistress Carol and her long term partner, kerri and myself.  we are not looking to open that group and we are very comfortable with what we have.)

yours in submission



Risky Sex and a house full of women with whips.

My guess is that the title has grabbed some attention?

Madam’s family arrive all safe and sound yesterday and we had a good afternoon catching up with family news.  A few bottles of wine were consumed and everyone was happy – I’m a very light drinker and besides billie is required to have permission to have alcohol, Madam had given permission but still I only had two small glasses.

The evening drew to a close and we all headed to bed, I joined Madam in her bedroom and was told that I would be allowed to share the bed with her, but she wanted me showered and dressed first.

I am required to wear stockings at all times and that includes sleeping so as I came out of the shower in the en-suite Mistress went in to do her ablutions.  I dressed in a Black baby doll nighty a suspender belt, black satin knickers and a pair of black stockings, I added a pair of heels and stood at the end of the bed awaiting Mistress.

Mistress came out of the bathroom naked but had one of her strap-on harnesses fitted on.  She came over to me and whispered “I haven’t locked the door and I’m going to fuck your arse, you don’t want to be too vocal as Mother is next door!”

and with that she pointed for me to get onto the bed face up, I was told to put on of the pillows under the small of my back to help lift my arse and improve Madam’s access to my anal hole.  Madam lubed up the dildo and also my hole.  she mounted the bed and then mounted me.

There was no foreplay to this, Madam wanted to fuck me and that she did.  All the while verbally humiliating me, would I make a loud moaning noise, would her Mother think that it was Mick fucking her lovely daughter Alice, wouldn’t she be shocked (or just surprised) when it was the other way round.  My chastity was bloody tight and uncomfortable!439eee6598469379b373b33ade9b5d57bd917789d73758d902dcd88b4f5ab3e6

Madam reinforced my position in this relationship and once she was finished fucking me I helped to remove the strap on and then applied myself to ensure that Madam had at least another orgasm by means of my tongue.

I have no idea if I was too vocal last night but there didn’t seem to be too many odd looks as I served breakfast this morning – Thankfully.

This morning everyone has gone down to the stables/ riding centre.  Madam goes horse riding once a week and occasionally at the weekend.  normally it is a riding lesson during the week (she can ride but a school session during jus keeps her skills fresh) and the weekend session is normally a hack out in the local area with a couple of others from the riding centre.

All of Madam’s family ride and have done from a young age and the plan is that they will go for a hack out for a couple of hours on Wednesday.  but before they can do that the riding centre needs them to do a riding assessment.  Madam’s mother isn’t going to ride but has gone along to watch her daughters and Grand daughter take to the saddle.  so this morning I had the joy of seeing 3 of the females of this family all in jodhpurs and riding boots and my beloved Mistress with one of her favourite riding crops.  It would be even better if I wasn’t trying to get hard in my cage at the sight of Madam in her riding kit.  Any one would think that Madam was doing it deliberately.


Just a quick additional point, the black and white image is from “The foxy hunters” calendar – this is a great charity and raises some fantastic money for the Wiltshire air ambulance, well worth support and they have great calendars!



Vanilla Life comes to stay- for a week

The annual “lets visit Aunt Alice and Uncle Mick” starts today.  I’ve once again been round the house to make it vanilla proof.

The maids quarters are now locked secure and are a “box store”.  I have a bag with some male clothes and my lingerie (day underwear and sleep attire) placed in Madam’s bedroom and my folding mattress and bedding is under her bed – Madam will decide if I am required to sleep on the floor next to her bed or if I can have the privilege of sleeping next to her – her bedroom has a good Victorian lock on it to stop accidental wandering in on us.

In an hour I will head out to the train station and collect the first arrival and that will be our niece (minus her boyfriend – thankfully) and then a little later Madam’s Mother and sister will arrive probably about 2pm.

I get on well with all of Madam’s family – far better that with my own, so it isn’t a trial to entertain and host them and it is a real joy to have our niece here (it was great having the older one before our holiday if slightly early and unexpected!).

So it is back to being Mick, but billie in the bedroom, and Madam will be back to being Alice.

we’ll be vanilla for a little while and hopefully no one will be looking too hard at our shadows or reflections.



The Trials of a Domestic Maid

We made it back home at about 1pm yesterday after a brief stop in Leighton Buzzard to grab a few groceries to get us through until this morning when I went and did the main shopping run.

I unloaded the car and the bags were all dropped in the hallway.

We had a light lunch and then Alice asked me to run her a bath and then then said “Thank you for a lovely holiday Mick, once you get the bath run I’d like billie to present herself to me in the lounge at 4 pm please.” and with that I (Mick) left the room.

Having ran the bath for Alice, I let her know and then went to the Maids quarters at the back of the house and changed – shower, shave, enema, light make up and then dressed in my working uniform.

At 4pm I presented myself to Madam, a curtsey on entry eyes down and moved to the middle of the room.

“hello billie, dear, I’m glad that you are back, now I want the bags emptied and all laundry done tonight, don’t mix my lingerie with Micks.  I would like some Tea at 6pm in the study, I will be calling John.  I will have dinner at 8 please, something light.”

“I want you to prepare your shopping list for tomorrow and to make sure that the fold out mattress is in my bedroom with the light bedding for Mick to sleep on when my family arrive on sunday.”

I also want you to know that we will be changing your chastity tomorrow morning before you go shopping, well change it to the CB6000 short, I’ll do that with you once I’m dressed and ready, now carry on”

All of this was pretty much expected but the change of chastity cage wasn’t, for the past few months I’ve been wearing a metal variant on the CB6000, and then changed to the plastic CB6000 for the holiday.  The short version takes me a little bit of time to adjust to, so I’m now going to have a few uncomfortable days while I get used to it’s grip.


So the evening was a flurry of loads of washing into the machine, hand washing Madam’s Lingerie and my Lingerie.  Once the laundry was done and on the line and drying rails it was on with the evening meal.


Madam clearly had a good conversation with Master as she seemed in good form when she had her tea in the study, but I was very quickly dismissed to carry on my tasks.

This morning the cage was changed and I now have my small pink cage restraining me and it made my shopping trip to Sainsburys and Lidl a little uncomfortable but I should get used to it by Monday.

I think we are now ready to receive our guests tomorrow.  Madam’s Mother, Sister and one of her Nieces.  Her Brother in Law will join us towards the end of next week – so many women to serve…..


Back in England, nearly Home

From Mistress Alice:Alice in weird land

We’ve just stopped for a quick coffee and then on the final leg home, a lovely holiday and made wonderful by my loving partner and husband Mick, but I’m looking forward to getting home and having a 36 hours with billie before vanilla life come to stay for 10 days!

I will try and make time this evening for billie to put a post together and then either add it this evening or tomorrow morning.

New Work Wear

I planned to have this post uploaded last night but we stayed out a bit longer than expected.  Also this morning was an early start to make our way to France for our overnight stop prior to catching the Tunnel tomorrow morning.

So on with the post….

At evening meal last night (Tuesday), we were chatting about a range of things as married couples do, we discussed the visit by family members next week and then a bit about Madam’s bank holiday trip away with Master down to the south coast.  I would be sent to Mistress Carols for my Annual Assessment/ retraining and then we would all meet up for a Get-together (more on that in another post).

Then Madam mentioned that she really enjoyed having me in skirts full time (almost) over the last few weeks mainly due to my 3 days away with work to York.  We discussed the possibility that this would become more the norm.  We rarely have callers, anyone from the business side either books a time to come in or we Skype the meeting.  Added to which the we have a gate with a security camera and we are about a mile away from any neighbours.

Madam, stated that se would like me to wear blouses, skirts and heels full time for work and if required I could just put a tie and jacket on for the skype meetings.  we discussed it and it was all feasible, I (as Mick) did state that just in case I would keep a pair of trousers, a blue and white shirt and a pair of male shoes in the office just incase.

Madam asked why the blue and white shirt not just one – A white shirt would be worn if I had white lingerie on and the blue if I had Black.  This was acceptable and Madam was slightly surprised that I had not objected more about it.  To be honest I was expecting this, Madam was always complementary about  me wearing the skirts and she is right I rarely have any interruptions during the day.

This would negate the punishment for having to wear a skirt for 5 days if I had a full day in male attire, but Mistress Alice was keen that this forfeit was not lost, simply  adapted and modified – I would be required to replace a few of my male trousers for meetings with female trousers, ideally with the zip in the side or at the back.  I would go shopping with Madam for this – an excuse for a London Shopping trip.  This is a worry but I’m sure that we can find something that would work (I hope!)

Madam said that she would like me to develop the correct style and image for working in the office, while she would not want to micro manage my choices, I should pick out a correct set of clothing that she would approve of and that would make it clear that I was a sissy.  she would also think about if I should start to wear a wig in the office area just to add to the look.

Madam had a chuckle and mentioned that perhaps it was time that I took on a Secretary, billie perhaps?  she liked the idea that I would have to answer the phone with ”  XX Consulting, Mr Luff’s phone, billie speaking how may I help?”


Madam has also like the fact that I have been wearing basques to the office during the summer months, she loves the way they hold me. Her only complaint is that they only have 4 suspenders for my stockings  and as a sissy I should have 6 suspenders –  so the task is to purchase a new basque and to modify 2 of my existing basques – wash wear and spare.

(this is the one that I’m ordering from

Madam approved of the choice.

As a final task Madam tasked me to look at getting a new french maids uniform, I’ve had my current one a few years now and Madam feels that I need a new one.  I need to have it ordered and delivered ready for when I go to Mistress Carol’s at the end of the month.  Madam does not want me to show her up infront of her friend and fellow Mistress.


So the internet has been searched, things have been ordered and my Visa card is some what lighter!