Very Quick Change of Plan!

The plan was that Mistress Alice and her submissive would have another week and a bit of play prior to becoming Mick and Alice and head off to the Tyrol on holiday for a week, this would be followed by us being visited by Family over a fortnight and then Mistress Alice, Master John and sissy billie going to the south coast for a few days over the August Bank Holiday.

well real life (the vanilla bit anyway) has intervened and tomorrow afternoon we while have one of our nieces arrive to stay with her Aunt Alice and Uncle Mick, so we have been making the house vanilla proof.

we have 2 nieces and we think the world of them, we spent two years looking after them when they were toddlers due to their mother (Alice’s sister) having cancer treatment, so while we make it clear to the family that we want out privacy and space from the family it is hard to refuse someone that you almost look upon as a daughter.

so Madam and submissive will have a last session this evening and sissy will wake Madam with her customary oral worship before billie becomes Mick for the day and he welcomes the early arrival of one of their favourite elements of the family.

That’s the way things go when the outside world steps into your carefully constructed world of D/s.

The plan is that while we have visitors we will try and put very short posts up on the blog, these may be very short updates or they just be pictures with a short comment –  either way I will try and keep posts coming, mainly as I don’t want another paddling like the one that I received for my earlier tardy posting behaviour.

hopefully see you on the other side of the Vanilla bit!


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