Long Weekend – The Normal Routine


It’s been a bit of a long weekend and Mistress Alice is now back at work and I have been tasked to do a very quick update with a more detailed one to follow later this evening.

We have a routine when it comes to most weekends and this weekend was no exception:

Thursday evening is review my punishment book and receive punishments as deemed appropriate.  sometimes Mistress will consider holding over a punishment until her Boyfriend visits, either for her to punish me or for me to humbly request that Master administers my correction.  Mistress Alice graciously decided to punish me for all of my short comings.

After punishments I am given direction on what is planned for the weekend and what will be required for me.  In this case Mistress Alice’s Boyfriend would be arriving on Friday Evening and staying until Monday Morning.  I would be required to be in Maid role for the majority of the time.

Friday is a normal work day until 4pm, when I finish and go and change and ensure that everything is prepared for Mistress and Master – bedding changed, wine chilling and ensure that we are ready to prepare the evening meal.  I will also change into my working uniform prior to Mistress Alice returning at 5.30pm (ish).  Master normally arrives at around 7pm.  I will then be on call as Maid and submissive for the evening.

Saturday will have me doing my house husband/ wife duties of making breakfast and tiding up.  I then go for the weekly grocery shop – not as a maid, but in male over clothes.  once back it is back into uniform and carry on.  Mistress and Master will normally go out on a Saturday for meal or a drink, I must help Mistress get ready – bath, dressed etc.  I am normally dismissed to get changed into one of my Chauffeur outfits as I will drive Mistress and Master to and from their chosen venue.  On their return I will then change back into a maids uniform.

more to follow…..




for the majority of the time I am required to wear a chastity device or cage. Mistress Alice holds the view that by controlling my orgasms then she ensures that I am more submissive and compliant.

I have been using chastity devices for at least the last 13 years but over the last 5 years it has become a more permanent feature.  This has coinciding with her starting to see her current Boyfriend, who is very comfortable with our relationship and actively partakes in my domination.

I started off with a CB2000 cage which was one of the early devices and this was a good learning cage.  Not the best for long term wear but not bad to start with.


The metal cage was the next one, and this is more of a play cage.  it is too heavy for regular wear but Mistress likes me to wear it when we do a BDSM session and she wishes to tease and punish me.

The next was the CB6000 (normal size)  this wasn’t a good one to get. The backing rings and the connectors were (and are) great but the polycarbon cage split one evening when we were coming back from a night out – bloody painful!  I needed several days before I could be put back into the Old CB2000.

having done some research I purchased a CB3000 cage and with a little work with a file managed to use the cage with the CB6000 backing ring.  this has created a very comfortable Chastity device that does allow for longer term wearing.

The last one that I’ll talk about is the current favourite of Mistress Alice, and that is the bottom Right of the photo.  this is a CB3000 copy from China which has the added feature of a set of inset pads that allow a TENs unit to be connected to it.  The TENs unit is not included but a cheap LLoyds Pharmacy unit is quite adequate for Mistresses plans.  This is the one that I’ve been wearing full time at the moment.

The others I’ll cover in another post.

The Start of the Blog

Mistress Alice has toyed with the idea of having us create a blog, the aim is to discuss things and to use it as a tool to continue with my humiliation as her submissive cuckold.

The plan is to work on developing this and see how things progress.  while I, submissive sissy billie, will be the main contributor to the site Mistress Alice has said that she may contribute depending on how she feels or if there is anything that she would like to discuss or express.

The thing that sparked the momentum to actually start this came from regularly reading Lady Alexa’s blog, and her training of her husband in their FLR.


We’ll see how things go.

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