We’re still here -just a bit pre-occupied!

From Alice and Mick,

Folks please bear with us, we are still around and this blog is still live but we have been a little bit focussed on vanilla life at the moment, with Alice’s Mother.  nothing serious, but it does mean that we are doing quite a bit of time with family at the moment.

We appreciate that we haven’t update here for a few weeks but we will get round to it so please bear with us and hopefully we will be posting soon.


Alice and Mick/ billie



Nearly done, Looking forward to getting home and serving Breakfast.

Well I’ve been away about 10 days now. With Southampton, Guildford, Salisbury and Exeter out the way it is just a case of dealing with Bristol and then I can head home on Friday. There was a period of time when I spent lots of time on the road and I can see that with the people around me as I stay at each of the venues. I’m quite glad that this is a one off and that I don’t have to do this regularly any more.
I’ve been away from Madam before during our FLR but generally it has been for no longer than 5 days, even when Madam has been away with her work, which she does about 3-4 times a year, she is normally back at the weekend. So we are rarely apart and that is a comfort.
I have missed her and also the rigors of our lifestyle. I know Madam still exerts her control over me at the distance with the chastity and my underwear but I do actually want to be home and be her House-husband/wife. I do actually crave being under her control, it is quite reassuring, is that the submissive part of me craving my fix of Domination?
Not that I have been cut free from my Madam or Master on this trip. Madam has text me daily, often to enquire what I’m wearing or to tell me what I have to wear. We have Skyped on several evenings – Last Wednesday Madam Skyped from Master’s house to let me know that she was spending the night with him and to tease me with what she was wearing to greet him when he got home. Yes things were rather uncomfortable in my chastity cage! I’ve even had Master call me to ask how things are going and check that I’m behaving myself !?!?
The one thing that I do miss is my morning routine of waking Madam, it isn’t just the same just having to get up washed and dressed and then heading down to Breakfast. I should be bringing breakfast to Madam and then teasing her awake with my tongue.


But only a few more days and I’ll be back in my rightful place, at her feet as her devoted submissive. It’s all about knowing your place and role in each other’s lives.

Packing my Husband’s bag

From Madam Alice:

Alice in weird land

Sunday night will see me kiss my two boys goodbye as they will both be leaving me.  John will be heading back to his home ready for his working week and Mick/ billie will be heading down to Southampton and the south of England for 2 weeks.

I’m not going to be lonely, I can go and stay with John if I wanted and I probably will a few time, I’ll have an itch to scratch and John will certainly accommodate that for me.


But it will be Mick that I’ll miss, he is my husband after all, and 2 weeks is quite a bit of time for him to be away – when he was full time working for his company’s back in his “Alpha” days it was not uncommon for him to be away for 4 weeks or more, on the road and for a period in the 90’s he was away overseas, often for up to 4 months at a time.

yes the money was very good and those days and his hard work laid the foundations (and more) for the way we live now – a good house, a “very good lifestyle” and a good standard of living.  but it came at a price and while the money came in, it was breaking Mick.

So now I do slightly fret about my lovely husband, not that I don’t trust him – he is caged afterall.  but I want to make sure that he is in a good place and frame of mind and that he is not pushing himself to much or too hard.

He has been employed by a company that he has worked for in the past and he is familiar with how they work and what they want.  He is doing an assessment and review of their 6 sites over the south of England and also delivering some training to them, so he will be travelling about and also working the weekend.  It is a good paying “Job” and it will allow Mick to feel that he is maintaining his contribution into the household  even though I am the principle breadwinner now.

So what is the plan – well we’ll chat via skype, I may even give him a show via skype when I visit John, won’t that be lovely for my caged hubbie?  I’m going to pack his bag for him on sunday morning.  All girly underwear, a few pairs of stockings – I’ll expect him to go and purchase some more as he travels about and some of his babydolls and teddies for sleeping in.  I’ll expect him to have lingerie on at all times.

I’ve also been putting some of my knickers in sealed bags for him, just in case he misses my smell and taste – yes I have been rather naughty while wearing them –  the things that you have to do for your husband! I’m expecting a very frustrated husband to come back to me  on the 9th of February.

But my main thing is that we will talk each day and probably Skype as well.  I’ll want to know that he is alright and that he isn’t struggling or getting angry/ annoyed or Frustrated (not in my way but in the angry Alpha way).



“The Weight” by Jack Vettraino


And I will wait for my husband and submissive to come back home, so that I can make him feel loved and wanted, and he can make me feel complete.  That’s the kind of relationship that we have.  Strange to some but it works for us.


In thoughts of you

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettraino



All of the images(except the Alice in weirdland at the top),  are Jack Vettraino artworks, we have prints of these and a few of his erotic ones around the house.  Mick has a print of “The Weight” in his office and keeps it there as a reminder of how he was when he pushed himself too far and too hard with his work, and I have “in thoughts of you” in the bedroom, it’s there to make sure that I always think about my wonderful husband, particularly when I’m there on my own.

Is it just me?

I’m currently between meetings here in London and making free with the Wifi.  Alice dropped me off this morning at the train station and I headed into “Town”.  My visit to London is to finalise the details for my 2 weeks away out on the road.


It was interesting to see Madam’s post from last night, I went to bed early as I was completely knackered from the weekend.  The biggest thing was that my feet were still recovering from a weekend of having 5 inch heels locked onto me, the only respite was for my showers and then it was back into the heels – even sleeping with them on!

Alice/ Madam was very kind and allowed me to wear a pair with 1″ heels yesterday and today I’m wearing a set of sensible brown brogues – not sure that stilettoes would be appropriate for the meetings!

It is interesting last nights post and looking at it – is it just me?  I don’t think that it is but at times it is difficult to articulate the feelings of humiliation are also a turn on.


It is a complete contradiction – The frustration of the chastity gives me focus onto Alice, either as my Wife or as Madam.  The humiliation of being a submissive sissy and cuckold is a turn on.  Being punished by my wife and occasionally her lover, having to ask for those punishments and saying thank you after receiving them.  and so on and so on.  It is a complicated dynamic and I suppose that for those looking in from a vanilla standpoint it looks weird – we get a few emails and messages that just ask “why?” and it is difficult to describe, particularly if you aren’t in the lifestyle, and perhaps that is why it may be difficult or taboo to move from one side of the lifestyle line to the “kinky side”.  I don’t know?


Looking back I don’t know what was the original trigger event that started everything.  was it an adventurous vanilla sex life when we got together, was it earlier?

so many deep questions!  Lets not dwell on it too long, lets just go with it……


Early to bed for billie

From Madam Alice:

Alice in weird land

I sent billie off to bed early this evening, the poor dear has had a rather busy and tiring weekend.  I thought I would do a bit of an update just prior to heading to bed myself.

Last Thursday evening billie presented himself in my study for his weekly assessment report, some minor infringements, a few merits and one major punishment for allowing “Alpha Mick” to appear and for not having the self control to stay calm.

I must admit that I was torn over giving this punishment, 6 strokes with the riding crop, If I had been in his situation I would have reacted the same way, but…he did show a lack of self control and it was something that we both discussed a few years ago, Alpha Mick must be controlled and there is a time and a place for him to manifest himself and on this occasion it wasn’t appropriate – really.  besides it was billie that raised the point and he asked very sweetly to be reminded and corrected of his error and lack of control.

so with a rather warm bottom I directed billie to sit on his punishment chair and we would “discuss” his next release from his chastity.

At the moment he is caged in a pink hard plastic CB6000s (the small edition), he has been in this since Boxing Day.  I informed him that I wanted him to remain in chastity until the 2nd of April (the 1st being on a weekend).  He would continue to be released for washing and shaving twice a week and I would supervise these occasions as normal. I also informed him that he would remain in the CB6000s.


we have several chastity’s for billie and we often change them over to give some variety.  I think that billie had been hoping to be swapped over to either the metal CB6000 (normal) or the CB3000.  But no, I want him in chastity until April, I want him horny, frustrated and compliant.


He becomes so keen to please when he is frustrated, for a sissy in his 50’s it is wonderful to see him so horny.

We had a good chat together and I explained that this year I wanted to have him more submissive to me and to John.  I will still be his primary focus but I want to see him submit sexually to John more often, both orally and anally.

I also told him that it wouldn’t just be a case of bending over and being fucked, to be the passive partner. Oh no I wanted him to be active and proactive.

At this point I was rather excited and had billie crawl round to me and to serve me while I continued to talk about what I hoped for over the coming months.


When all things are said billie really does know how to worship me and his tongue is wonderful and John is very complementary about Billie’s capabilities at cocksucking, all rather crude but true.  It would appear that I’ve taught him well (Carol and kerri also need to take the credit as well!).

I explained to him that I planned to peg him more with my strap on as well, my intention is to working him towards an anal orgasm.  My strap-on is 7 inches in length, this is shorter than John and it is also thinner in girth compared to John.  while I want to make love to billie with my fake cock I want him to feel the pleasure of John’s cock entering him.  Now my husbands penis is very nice and I can orgasm from it quite nicely thank you, it is not quite comparable to John’s cock, 5″ comparing to a nice thick 8.5″.  also when you consider that 5″ penis is under lock and key in a 2″ cage, it just makes me excited thinking about it.  The strange thing for those who may not be in a FLR relationship is that that excitement is reciprocated by billie.


The thought of being kept in chastity and deliberately kept horny obviously played to his humiliation streak but clearly we will be using this to deepen his vicious circle of humiliation, which is a turn on, this makes him horny which makes him frustrated which makes him crave the humiliation and so on.

Am I wicked for creating this or am I a loving wife creating this opportunity for my wonderful submissive husband?  If I’m not careful billie will be changing my blog picture to one similar to the one he has for Carol.  I’ll leave you to think about it while I go to bed, Goodnight!


Diary Dates 2018

It had been 3 weeks since Master John had been over so I spent Friday making sure that things would be fine for Madam and him.

Madam arrived home at about 5.30pm and I welcomed her home after her 2 nights away at Sir’s house, I took her bag from her and let her know that her bath was ready (she sends me a text just as she leaves work so that I know when to start her bath).

Sir arrived just before 7pm and I met him, as normal at the door, eyes down and as he entered I bobbed a curtsey and welcomed to Madam’s home.  Madam was waiting in the living room for him.  Sir handed me his bag and directed that I should take it to the bedroom and return directly, I could unpack it later.

I returned to the Living room and curtseyed on entry.  Madam and Sir were cuddled on the couch, I was directed by Madam to present myself in front of Sir.

“billie, I’d like you to tell John how much you have missed him and to show him your appreciation for looking after me for the last couple of nights?”

I thanked Master profusely for looking after Madam and taking care of her needs where I as her submissive husband was lacking and unable to provide.

I was directed to kneel and show my appreciation for Master taking care of Madam.  I knelt and shuffled forward and asked (begged??) if I may offer my humble appreciation for his kindness to Madam.  Sir smiled at me and said that I could.  I unbuttoned his trousers and undid the zip, Master was not wearing any underpants and I was faced with a freed cock, starting to stiffen.

I kissed Sir’s cock and then started to lick it, after a few moments Madam simply said “billie, you can now start..”, I placed Sir’s cock in my mouth and Madam gently placed her hand on the back of my head and I started to suck.


I spent the next 20 minutes or so giving Master a blowjob while he and Madam made out with each other.  Madam’s hand dictated the rhythm for me and Master rubbed  and caressed Madam.

My Dominant betters had put me back into my rightful place as the submissive cuckold and Sir had ensured that I was the emasculated beta sissy to his Alpha Dominance.

Once Sir was satisfied I was dismissed and sent to continue with my domestic duties – Master’s bag was unpacked and everything placed in their rightful positions – his toiletaries in the En-suite, His close hung up etc.

At 8pm I served dinner for them. I went to the kitchen until required.  once they had finished I was called to clear the table.  I was told that Madam and Sir would go to the Study and that I should present myself at 9.30pm in my tartan skirt outfit for my discipline review.  This did make my heart jump slightly, I had hoped that Madam would hold it over to next Thursday but that wasn’t to be.


My review was a very fair event to be honest.  My shortcomings over the Christmas period were quite minor and my one cockup which was going to get me 10 of the crop was reduced when Master offer up 4 merits for tiding his bedroom  on Wednesday morning, However to gain those merits Madam offered that Master deliver my 6 strokes with the crop. I would say that Madam did this so that again I would be put in my place as the emasculated cuckold beta.


With my bottom suitably marked, I was told to go to my corner in Madam’s bed room and to wait there, facing the wall. I scurried away as best as my heels would take me.


Madam and Sir came to the bedroom shortly after, undressed and then started to make love and have sex, I remained in the corner until just after midnight, my only respite from facing the wall was to be called to the bed a couple of times to clean Sir and Madam with my mouth and tongue before being sent back to the corner.  I got to my bed in the maids room just after 1am.

Saturday was a fairly run of the mill day (well run of the mill in our FLR house).  Breakfast in Madam’s bedroom was served and cleaning was done before my Dominants appeared down stairs.  I went and did the grocery shopping and once back put everything away before preparing lunch.  once it was served, Sir asked Madam if we could go over our diary’s for the next few months so that things to be sorted out and arranged.  I was told that once lunch was finished I was to go and change into my secretary uniform and to bring my diary and Mick’s diary to the study.

we do this, every 3 months or so.  the idea is that we inform each of ourselves what we have planned and when and where.  there are a couple of reasons for this, the main one is to all three of us to know when we will be in vanilla mode, when we are expecting visitors, when Mick will be around and when we have to book or arrange things.

From Mick’s point of view there was a 2 week period at the end of the month that is work, and a number of smaller work events.  There are a couple of Family events such as Madam’s mothers birthday, the birthdays of our nieces, John has the birthdays of his daughters.  All duly noted in the diaries.

Then we come to the main events.  As part of the cuckolding conditions, Master John has set some rules concerning dates and events.

  1.  Christmas is family time and Alice and mick will have that as husband and wife.
  2. New Year is time with friends, Madam, Mistress Carol, kerrie and billie – Master John may be present.
  3. Valentines Day, this is a day for lovers and is only for Madam and Sir, if it is during the week then Madam will stay over with Sir and at the weekend after the day Sir will take Madam out for an evening or a weekend away.  billie should send a valentines card and gift to kerri.tumblr_o1vvn67BeN1v6rm6co1_500
  4. Alice and Mick’s wedding anniversary, this is their time and should be spent as such.  if it occurs during the weekend then Mick can take Alice out for night – probably in London.  if it is during the week then Mick may spoil Alice at home.
  5. Madam and Master’s anniversary – this commemorates the formal start of the cuckolding relationship.  Madam and Sir will go away for the weekend, billie will be present and be tasked with activities appropriate to celebrate his cuckolding.
  6. Mick’s birthday, this can be a vanilla or FLR event.  Madam has the decision on this matter.
  7. Madam’s Birthday, this is an event where Sir will organise.  it may involve Mick or billie or neither.
  8. Sir’s birthday.  Madam will organise this event and it will not include Mick or billie.
  9. Summer holiday, this will be a vanilla event for Alice and Mick.
  10. August Bank holiday, this will be a vanilla start to the week for Madam and Sir with a FLR bank holiday get together with Madam, Mistress Carol, Sir, Master Daniel, kerri and billie.
  11. Billie will have 2 period of training with Mistress Carol.  one in April/ May and the other just prior to the August Bank Holiday.
  12. Most Saturday nights not accounted for will be for Madam and Sir to go out for the evening to either a pub or to a restaurant.  billie will be required to make the bookings.

We each ran through what was already booked and what we needed to add in and plan for.  I informed Sir and Madam that They had a table booked for that evening at a place near to Bedford  for 8.30pm and that next weekend they planned to go to a local pub for a few drinks.  Madam noted that at the end of the month she and Sir would be going to a work function in Milton Keynes.

Master stated that he had a plan for Valentines Day and as it was a Wednesday he would finish early and pick Madam up from work and take her out for the evening to a local restaurant, this was already booked.  what wasn’t booked was what he wanted to do for the Valentines weekend.  Sir informed me that I, as his sissy PA, should come to his office on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm and he would give me directions on what to book, I would need to make a number of phone calls as Mr J’s Personal Assistant to arrange the bookings and then I could use one of his work computers to confirm the bookings.  while I was there I would also be making the restaurant bookings for the usual Saturday nights out – I would be required to do these by phone from his office.

Madam made it clear that I would be working for Sir for the evening enfemme and would have travel over as such.  (Master normally works late on a couple of the evenings and his staff normally have all left by 5.45 pm latest.

now one of the things that has come with spending more time as sissie billie in the office is that I have at times had to answer the phone as such, both Madam and Sir have called to check.  I need to answer as “XX Consulting, Mr Luff’s office, can I help you” or add “billie speaking can I help”.  if I’m asked for a name then I have to use my grandmothers maiden name and I become “Miss billie Watson”.  I know that I’ll be asked for my name when I start booking the tables for Sir, so for yesterday and today I have been practising a quieter voice appropriate for Miss billie to use.

So by the end of the meeting the calendar had filled up and I had a job for Wednesday night working for Sir.

The rest of the weekend went as expected and by the time that Sir had left on Sunday evening I can honestly say that I was knackered.  Sir had re-established his position in the household (not that it was disputed), Madam was sexually satisfied, I was definitely humiliated, emasculated, turned on and frustrated, I had consumed a significant amount of Sir’s semen and Madam’s fluids.  so things back to normal then!  Lets see what Wednesday evening brings.


Getting back to the Routine.


With the festive period over this week has been a transition towards our normal routine.


New Year was great having Mistress Carol and Kerri up to stay with us.  Madam and Mistress were together in her room and I was allowed to share the guest bedroom with kerri rather than having the 2 of us down in the maids room.


We had an enjoyable few days with them here and it was good to see Mistress Carol relaxed and to let her hair down.  It was also great to spend time with Kerri as well even if both of us were rather frustrated by both being in chastity for the duration of the visit.


We said farewell to them on Tuesday afternoon (the 2nd) as kerri had to be back at work on the 3rd, which was the case with Madam as well. 


Over the Festive period Master John had been away visiting both of his daughters, normally he has Christmas with them both but this year was Christmas with one and then New Year with the other.  Madam spent a couple of nights with Sir just before Christmas and was back home on Christmas Eve.


On Tuesday evening I spoke with Madam and asked what clothing she would like preparing and laying out for the morning and her return to work.  One of her navy blue 2 piece suits (pencil skirt), crème blouse, her black suede heels, white full bra, open bottom girdle and barely black stockings.  Madam was quite specific that she would not be requiring panties!


Madam then informed me that Sir was returning to his home later this evening and as she had missed him she intended to spend the next 2 night staying over with him and catching up with things – and in particular with one thing that he had!


Madam told me that I should pack her a bag for her two nights away for staying with Master.  I was to pack underwear and stockings for her work and also suitable lingerie and stockings to be sexy for her boyfriend.  I was also told not to bother with a change of evening clothes as Madam would not be leaving the house other than to go to work during the day.  Madam stated that I should put in one of her black babydolls in for her to wear in bed (along with a black suspender belt and stockings).


So the bag was duly packed and placed by the door of Madam’s bedroom ready to go in the morning with Madam when she left for work.



Wednesday morning came and I was up first thing, dressed in my maids outfit and prepped Madam’s breakfast – Filter coffee in a small thermal mug (you’ll see why), small bowl of fruit, bowl of cereal, small jug of milk, – all placed on a tray with Madam’s tablet so that she can read the news with her breakfast.  I bring the tray up to her room and enter quietly and place the tray down and as I do each morning crawl inform the bottom of the bed to worship Madam and to gentle wake her with my tongue.  Madam will adjust her position to allow me to access to her wonderful pussy and I will work to bring her to orgasm, under her guidance as she wakes, it does seem to get her into a good mood for the day.  (the coffee is kept warm in the mug as there is no standard length of time for this wake up ritual and I would hate for Madam to have cold Coffee in the morning!)



Once Madam was happy I got off the bed and brought her breakfast to her and then waited for any further instructions – some mornings she will inspect me or tell me to run her a bath.  This morning she gave me my instructions for the next two days.


Madam asked what my work plans were and I informed here that I would be working on Mick’s tax return, in my role as Mick’s sissy secretary billie, and that I would be doing the house cleaning after having had guests over New Year and to prepare for Master coming to visit at the weekend.  Madam was pleased but told me that she had two tasks for me.  I was to update the blog with a number of entries while she was away and that I was to take Madam’s overnight bag to Master’s house, Madam would not be taking it with her.


I was further directed to make sure that her toiletries were taken from the bag and placed in the appropriate areas of Master’s En-suite bathroom, and that I should lay out something appropriate for Madam to change into so that she could greet Master when he arrived home from work.  Madam also told me to lay out one of her butt plugs and some lube as she planned to wear that as well, the implication was clear that she planned to have anal and this would help her be prepared for Sir later that evening.


Madam asked me to make sure that there was a bottle of white wine in the fridge chilling and to set out a couple of glasses so that things would be ready for her to go when she got there.  I was also to turn down the bed ready for the evening as well.  Madam stated that to save me time I should go over in my Secretarial outfit, but then relented that could put on a pair of trousers – but they should be one of the female pairs that I have.  Madam pointed out that I should consider it as one of my duties as a PA.


The whole concept of this made me flush red and it made Madam laugh, “Yes dear, I want you to have everything prepared ready for me to have an enjoyable night with my Lover, I have missed him and I want a couple of nights where he is mine all to myself, without having to share him with my lovely cuckold husband”.  I certainly could feel my embracement and humiliation, but it did seem to make my little dick try and swell in its confining cage – thankfully I wasn’t dripping.


Once Madam had finished breakfast and had showered I helped her dress and kissed her goodbye as she went to work.


I went about my maid duties, cleaning up from breakfast, stripping beds and getting the first load in to the washing machine. I then went and got changed into my white blouse and a pair of ladies dress  trousers with a side zip, I decided to add my blue blazer jacket as that seems to work with the outfit and it would also help to cover over the sheer blouse while I drove over to Master’s house.


Master’s house is on the norther side of Milton Keynes and the drive took about 45 minutes , due to road works and what appeared to lots delivery trucks.


Both Madam and I have keys to Sir’s house, the difference is that I have a key to the side door rather than the front which Madam has.  I’ve been over many times to Master’s house, both to visit socially, sometimes to participate with Madam and Sir in their relationship and on a couple of times when Madam has been away with her work I have been sent over to stay with Sir as a maid for him.


As directed I quickly got to work by making sure that the fridge was stocked and set out the 2 glasses on the dining table.  Sir’s bedroom needed a bit of a tidy and clearly he had not fully unpacked his bag from his trip away – so the washing machine was loaded and set running and I unpacked Sir’s bag for him.  Having been a maid for him a few times I tend to know where most things go.


Madam’s bag was unpacked and I laid out a Basque, lace top stockings, a pair of ankle boots and a satin choker.  Her butt plug and a fresh tube of lube were laid next to it. no panties as I didn’t think that Madam would required them!


I placed her black see-through babydoll  folded on her pillow of Master’s bed.  The rest of her clothes I placed in the drawers that she uses when she stays over.


With everything in place I sent a text to Madam to let her know that her instructions have been completed and that everything was in place and to enjoy her stay with Master.  I then sent a text to Master letting him know that I had prepared the house for Madam staying with him and that I had carried out some maid duties for him, I hoped that he would enjoy his time with Madam over the next 2 nights and I looked forward to serving Madam and Him on Friday.



It’s odd having to do this preparation, yes it is humiliating and it definitely is emasculating – you are doing the prep work for your wife to greet her lover, for her to continue your cuckolding and to show to your Master that he is the Alpha and that you are the submissive beta in the relationship.  It certainly is one way to get things back into perspective in the relationship after a 2 week break.


So, I am sat in my office, having finished the tax return, wearing a black sheer blouse, black mid thigh pleated skirt, plain top stockings attached to a waist clincher, panties and push up bra.  Very much the sissy secretary, it will be lunch shortly and I can clip clop my stilettos back to the house for a bite to eat before doing my final preparations ready for Madam’s return from work and Master’s arrival for the weekend. 


I’m assuming that my punishment review will be done later tonight as Madam wasn’t here to do it last night.


It’s nice to be back into the routine again!


Christmas Presents – Jog on!

I don’t make New Year resolutions as they tend to get broken a bit too quickly, so this isn’t about a new me on a fitness binge.

I’m at that age (well I’ve been at it for some time now) where it is too easy to put weight on, so I’ve been in the habit of doing a few sessions of fitness each week, normally a bit of a steady jog round the local area and a session of exercises done in my room – things like stretches, squats, the plank etc.  these sessions would range from 40 minutes to 60 minutes.

The problem has been that jogging with the chastity on has not been the most comfortable, particularly with the running shorts that I have.  I normally add a pair of cycling shorts under them to hold things in place, but the padding on the bum doesn’t feel right when you are plodding around the lanes and woods. (does my bum look big in this?)

I mentioned this to Madam and mentioned that I would probably have to go back to the Ron Hill tracksters that I used to wear years ago when I did orienteering – these are basically running leggings.

while Madam thought it was funny with me having my caged and frustrated cock bouncing about on my run, she did tell me not to worry she would get me a Christmas present for my physical escapades.

So on Christmas morning I opened my presents and found a package with a black body shaper, a couple of pairs of opaque tights and a long sleeved polo necked body suit.

I looked at Madam with a bit of a quizzed look – we don’t wear tights?  Madam explained that this was now my outfit for doing my fitness workouts.  With the tights on first and then the body shaper over the top that should hold everything in place, quite snuggly and then the bodysuit over the top.  Madam also suggested that for my floor exercises I could perhaps add the black spandex hood that I have with a set black gloves for the fully enclosed feel when exercising.

I’ve been for my first run of the new year this morning, wearing my new outfit, the only addition was a pair of light jogging bottoms and a light wind breaker jacket – the whole outfit worked a treat, a bit warm but it should help with the fat burning process.

The items that Madam purchased for me were:






Once I’ve tried it for my exercises I’ll let you know how effective it is at keeping me stable and secure.  I may even ask Madam if she will take a photo of me in the outfit for posting.

so you see it is important to pick the right foundation wear for the occasion.


Happy New Year and back blogging – despite some individuals!

Happy New Year to everyone, I’ll be posting a couple of blog entries today.

We had a bit of a break from blogging during October and November this was due to a number of things but one of which was both Madam and I sitting down and discussing what we wanted to do with the blog.

We both enjoy writing and often it is great to put our thoughts down in writing. It is also great to realise that we are not the only ones out there that are a bit Kinky (perverted?-depends on your definition – and if you are a bit of a Puritan ). It also has been great to get the feed back when we had discussed how by applying the FLR has helped to provide a structure for our relationship and help me with my mental wellbeing.

The one thing that we did really struggle with was how much do we put on here, how much detail, do we give all the real submissive dirty detail or do we just talk about it in big hand terms?

Well some of you may have noticed if you have read the blog for a while that we haven’t posted anything about our trip to the Hotel in Dorset back in August. There is a good reason for that, a lot went on and Madam, Mistress Carol and Sir, certainly cranked up the humiliation level but it was good fun – both myself and kerri enjoyed it but we were both uncomfortable with some parts at some times.

The reason that we didn’t add the detail to the blog was that we felt that it was too much, that it might detract from the blog and attract some criticism. We certainly discussed it several times as there were parts that we both wanted to write about but it would have lost some of the context if it didn’t have the whole of it added. So we decide that we wouldn’t put it on the blog.

We did get some comments that did ask about it, one individual in particular was keen to know what happened. The same individual sent several comments and messages keen to hear how I serve Master John. These comments spurred us – both of us – to decide that we would write about the weekend at the end of November where I had to serve and be used by Sir.

Now Madam wrote that blog entry but with my knowledge and she showed it to me prior to publishing it, so I didn’t get upset by it, it explained the weekend and the activities fairly accurately and I didn’t have a problem with it, so we published and be damned!

Well, we were damned!

The individual that had been full of comments asking for how I served Sir, now responded by telling Madam how she and Sir were abusers of a vulnerable adult in her care and quite a few things as well, Madam was somewhat taken aback and shocked.

I would just like to make clear I’m a willing participant in all of this and I’m certainly not a vulnerable adult. I fully get what a FLR is and I fully support my Wife/ Mistress in this – this is our life style and it works. I’m not abused by my Mistress’s Boyfriend, he isn’t violent or manipulative, he is a great guy and we have been lucky that he has learned about the FLR and embraces it with us. Madam enjoys her time with him and I am happy being her submissive cuckold. Hell, Mick and John get on great, we both like an occasional game of golf together and we can be a bit competitive on the squash court (in both activities we are equally rubbish!), so no I’m not abused by either of them.


This was clearly problem where an individual doesn’t realise the dynamic between a Submissive and their Dom.


The response back to the individual was a very short explanation and the suggestion not to read the blog any more.

Well the next kick was that we had an email from wordpress saying that they had a report of abuse on the blog and that they were suspending the blog. Thankfully we still had all the comments from the individual – I save them as we often write the blog off line and then upload and if we have comments or feed back we try and incorporate or answer them. So I passed all of the details and dates back to and thankfully they were content that this was a bit of an individual “having a go” at us and unlocked the blog.

This did cause Madam to question whether we should continue to do this? We had a good chat over this in the run up to Christmas and decided that yes we would continue. We both enjoy it and we do seem to have connected with some really good and interesting folks out there with their own blogs – so yes we will still be posting about our FLR and my life as Madam’s sissy cuckold.

Just as a bit of a follow on in the same week my Pinterest Account had several images reported and I had a rash of “snotagrams” from them threatening to delete or suspend my account, which would be a real embuggerance as that is where I get quite a few of my images for the blog from.

Never mind we will soldier on!

Billie/ Mick