Frustrated and taken advantage of!

When I got home on Friday I quickly headed out to get the weekly shop. I usually do this on Saturday morning but Madam was quite specific that I should get things sorted for the weekend as she planned to keep me busy.

At the time I wasn’t sure what the plan was but my guess was that it would mean lots of service to Madam and Master.

Once Madam was home I was told to go and change in Basque, stockings and heels. There would be no need for knickers or for the maids uniform. Once changed I presented my self to Madam and was told to kneel while she had a chat with me .

Madam told me that she planned to ensure that I was frustrated and humiliated as much as possible for the weekend and that I would be providing a lot of personal service to her and to Master. She didn’t want to hear any complaints from me for the weekend and that I should make every effort to make her proud of me. She then gave me a very passionate kiss, told me that she loved me and that I should carry on with my tasks.


So what was the humiliations – I spent a large part of the weekend with Master’s cock in my mouth, either giving a blow job, fluffing or cleaning it after he had sex with Madam. I was also required to orally serve Madam after Master had fucked her – both her pussy or ass. I consumed quite a lot of Master’s semen this weekend.


Often when Madam and Master have sex I will be dismissed to my room or sent to the corner. This weekend I was required to fluff Master every time (generally he didn’t need to be fluffed) and also to beg Master to fuck my wife due to my chastity.


There was quite a bit of verbal humiliation as well – how Master is bigger that I am (true) how he can last longer (sort of), how he recovers faster (very true!) etc etc etc. Now I should be ashamed to hear these things from my wife and her lover, and I am of sorts but that in its self is a turn on. It causes the pressure to build in my cage.

Should I be leaking cum while being verbally taunted with a cock in my mouth? What is turning me on? Is it the submission? the homosexual act – is it homosexual or being an emasculated beta male subservient to an Alpha Male? Is it the words? Or is it the fact that this all turns my Madam on so very much? Or all of those things?

So my principle diet over the whole weekend was Semen! Predominantly Master’s but a small amount of mine as I had to lick up my leakage at times.

Master left at 10 pm on Sunday and the house when back to normal routine – Madam gave me her instructions for the Morning and I was dismissed to the maid’s room. Monday was a pretty normal day, nothing too drastic.

Tuesday was a different matter. Having woken Madam and helped her get ready for work I was sent to the study to get my disciple review chair and it was placed in the centre of the living room.

Madam then placed a soft stretch fabric hood with a sewn in blindfold on the chair along with a ball gag. I was told in no uncertain terms to not move the chair until she told me to. I was also told that I was to ensure that I was to spend the whole day in my maids uniform with my basque, heels and the see through ruffled panties that Madam had bought for me. I was to keep my phone with me at all times. I acknowledged the instructions and Madam left for work.

The morning was domestic duties in the house washing and cleaning mainly and then after lunch I went to the office to do some work on a proposal that Mick had been asked to review.

At 2.45pm a text message arrived, from Madam –“sissy, go to the kitchen and remove your uniform and hang it up. Text me when that is done, then go to the chair in the living room, place your phone on the seat, stand at the back of the chair, put on the hood and ball gag and then bend over the back of the chair and place your hands on the front of the seat. You are to stay in this position until you get another message from me!”

I hurried back to the house and removed the apron, underskirt and the dress and hung it all in the utility room next to the kitchen and sent the text. The reply was almost instant – “you have 5 minutes to be in position and remember stay there until my next message”

So in heels, stockings, basque and panties I went to the living room, placed my phone on the seat and picked up the hood and gag. I fitted the hood and adjusted the padded blindfold part so that it fitted properly over my eyes and then fitted the ball gag. I then leaned over the chair, grasped the front edge of the seat and waited.


I had no idea of how long I was in that position for but it was getting uncomfortable on my calves. I heard the gate open and a car drive in and stop outside the front of the house. At this point my hearing has become super sensitive and I can hear the key open the front door. There is the sound of a coat being taken off in the hall and hung up – Madam does that when she arrives and then the sound of keys being placed on the unit just inside the living room door – again something that Madam does on arrival.

Madam has come home to inspect (or punish) her sissy husband. She is behind me, nothing has been said yet. Her foot taps at my heels to indicate that I should widen my legs. As I do this my panties are suddenly pulled down! I react and try to come up but a strong hand is on my back and pushes me back to position – this is not Madam! This is Master!

There is still nothing said but I can hear what I assume to be his trousers (probably jogging bottoms as there is no zip sound) being pulled down. There is some movement and I next feel some cool liquid being placed on my arse hole. There is no working it in.

The next that I feel is Master’s cock at my arse and then the steady pressure as it is pushed/ forced into me.

I give a gagged yell, I haven’t been allowed to use any plugs or toys on my arse for weeks now so I am tight back there and this is not really comfortable. The saving grace is that Master had lubricated his cock with a lot of KY. This was not a short entry and then back and in again, this was going all the way in before it was going back. Master now had both hands on my back to make sure that I didn’t try and get up.

Once he was fully in me, I was breathing heavy and I think with some tears he started to fuck me. Again there was no words, nothing said. I was just used.


I have no idea how long it took, but he fucked me to completion and I felt him come in me. He held me tight until he had finished and then withdrew.

Still nothing said.

I slightly slumped as I relaxed and then heard something behind me, it sounded like the top of the KY tube, am I going to be fucked again? Master was certainly capable of it.
No, the thing that I felt at my arse was a plug and master pushed it home, sealing his cum in my bottom.

The next that I was aware of was Master was undoing the strap of the ball gag, he held the front of the ball to prevent it falling from my mouth, as he withdrew it from my lips he immediately replaced it with his cock. I am really glad that I start the day with a good enema/ douching and that I am clean back there

It was clear that this was not just a case of cleaning Master’s cock but it was all about giving a full blow job. I had Master’s hands on the back of my hooded head, some times he would thrust into my mouth and then at others he would direct for me to such and bob my head up and down on his cock. Again nothing other than heavy breathing and grunts were uttered.


I really have no idea how long it took but he came again and I swallowed what I could. As he withdrew from my mouth the ball gag was replaced almost straight away.
With all of the efforts my hands had moved from my holding on the front of the chair. Master took my hands and positioned then back on the front edge of the chair. He moved behind me and pulled my panties back up and adjusted them back into position.

As a final surprise I then received 12 hard hand spanks from him – 6 on each arse cheek. This was a real surprise and I found myself sucking in air and getting another taste of Master’s cum that was still in my gagged mouth.

I just managed to hear him pull up his trousers and then gather up his keys. The door opens and then closed onto the latch and I listened to his car leave.

I stayed there, disorientated and fucked with plugged and gagged holes for god knows how long. My phone chirped with a message and I eased myself out of my bent position, undid the gag and removed the hood.

I looked at the message “Put your gag back in, don’t touch the plug and get on with your duties I’ll be home at 5.30pm, have some wine ready, I’ll ask you how your afternoon was then.”

I put the gag back in and buckled it up and then checked the time on the phone, it was 4.25pm. where does the time go when someone is having fun ( at the expense of your frustration!)

It was an interesting chat when Madam came home, she wanted to know all about my feelings and the use of the other senses. She wanted to know how I could be sure that it was Master – I think I have sucked his cock enough times now to know! (is that a good thing to boast about?)

Well it made for an interesting afternoon. Master is coming over again this evening, hopefully he will be more talkative this time.


A necessary change of plan!

This morning I’ve had to come into London to hand over a bit of work that I was asked to do for a client, a short visit with a quick brief on the main points and then back home again. All well I should be back in the house by 1pm.

Madam dropped me off at the station this morning and I must say I am slightly more comfortable this morning.

Madam explained in her post last night that she had added the anal hook to my chastity, this was added on Monday Night just after I had done my weekly shaving and cleaning session which has the chastity cage removed.

Now we have had the hook for a couple of years and have used it on and off. The hook with it’s cock and ball ring is good in it’s own right as the ball on the end of the hook applies direct pressure to the prostrate and feels great, which in turn makes me want to have an erection. The cock ring then acts to sustain that erection. This is all great news for when Madam wants me to make love to her for a sustained period.


We have used it with the chastity cage before, you basically ensure that everything is nice and limp (bag of frozen peas ready do help to encourage it, slip my balls through the ring and follow that with my limp cock and then fit the Chastity. Only once the chastity is on do you push the ball of the hook into your arse.

The effect is pretty quick in my case, limp to filling the cage in very short order. This means that my cock/clit is now rather uncomfortable for the duration. In the past I’ve worn this arrangement for 24 hours maximum.

Madam wanted to try me wearing this for a slightly longer period. And to be honest I can understand why she wanted to do it now. Having been locked up for near 4 months now I am very frustrated, horny and a bit leaky it must be said. The hook really has not helped, not one bloody bit, which was the desired effect that Madam wanted to see.

So what is the problem other than being very very frustrated? Well for the last 3 days I have had to try and manage a constrained very hard erection and it had become very painful.

I don’t mean in erotic painful way – I mean fucking awful!!.

We had a good chat last night and Alice (note it was a time out from Madam and billie and back to Alice and Mick) agreed with my concern that we need to stop and remove the hook.

The chastity was removed and then the hook. It was decided to have a short period out of the cage to let things settle down and to allow my cock/clit to calm down. After an hour things were back to normal and the cage was back in place.

It would appear that the hook will work for short periods of up to 24 hours but that is probably the limit

While Madam and my other Dominants might be wicked to me they are all sensible with it – pushing boundaries and trying new things is good but it is all done with the view to the erotic (or the kinky if you will) and not to cause physical harm.

So while I wait here for my train home, enjoying a cup of tea, I am quite frustratingly comfortable in my chastity cage with my sissy underwear under my tweed suit. So if you have been in Euston Station around 11am today and saw a middle aged bloke in a tweed suit looking content with life – then you might just have seen me. (I know that the fashion police will cry that I should not wear “Brown in town” but my tweed trousers tend not to show any of my leakage –so just damp spots on my knickers. Oh well the crosses we have to bear.

Time to pack up and head to my train for the 30 minute trip back to Milton Keynes. I hope that you have a good weekend and I’ll see you on the other side of it!

Such a wicked relationship!

From Mistress Alice.

Alice in weird land

I must thank NaughtyNora for her compliment that she paid us by saying that billie has such wicked Dominants, Thank You we do try to provide high quality service! and we do try to be very customer focused in our delivery.

I’m currently sat in my study with a rather nice glass of chilled white wine, I’ve spent the afternoon working from home, not something that I normally do but I wanted to be away from the distractions of the Office to complete a piece of work that is needed for next week.  So now that it is finished I can relax a little and get ready for billie to present himself at 8pm for his discipline review – I won’t be adding extra time on his chastity but there certainly will be a bit of spanking and the paddle I’m sure.  Overall it has been a rather productive afternoon and all supported by billie the sissy secretary.


Over the last few weeks I’ve insisted that billie has been enfem for as much as possible and generally he has done pretty well, if for nothing else than to make up for the time spent at Mother’s where he couldn’t dress.  It has been lovely working away here in the study, pick up a little hand bell and give it a small shake and listen to the click clack of my sissy husband’s high heels on the tiles as he comes from his work at the  kitchen table to inquire what service I require – I have probably drank too much coffee this afternoon but it was worth it to hear that wonderful sound.  He can walk very femininely in heels upto 5″ all rather well.


He does look a lovely sight, a white pussy bow shirt with black corselette underneath, FF stockings and dark blue pencil skirt. all very nice with a set of black 3″ stiletto heels.  It’s all about the details.

But my wickedness is still causing dear billie some discomfort. Since billie’s chastity cleaning on Monday evening (at the moment I supervise billie’s washing and shaving of his pubic area and penis just to make sure there isn’t any accidents or he may be tempted to touch himself too much) I have added a Anal Hook which has a ring that goes at the base of the cock and balls and then the chastity goes on as normal, that way the hook cannot be removed – the anal plug can be removed from his hole and moved to the side when he needs to use the toilet or to do his daily ass cleaning.


The result is that there is a lot of pressure on the prostrate and that is just adding to the leakage and frustration of my dear husband.

So to NaughtyNora, am I wicked? Oh Yes! Delightfully so, and it is such a turn on!

It’s nearly time to get ready for Billie and his review, I’ll look forward to seeing if I’m going to have to punish him for his damp knickers, the little tart!


An Extra Month in the Cage

Madam asked me to explain how I have been extended in my period of chastity.

The original plan had been that after our Christmas I would go back into Chastity until the 2nd of April. while that was just over 3 months in chastity I wasn’t too worried by the period, after the last extended period I knew what to expect.

I knew that Madam would be working on building up the tension and pressure on me with period of teasing and then onto the pegging.  All of this turns her on so very much it is wonderful when I have to pleasure her after she has pegged me.  but what appears to be her biggest turn on getting me to the point of frustration and then having to humbly ask (beg is closer to it) Master to fuck me to ease the pressure that has built up.  this normally happens as we get into the 3rd month.

Now Master John originally was slightly taken back by me asking for this, Madam hadn’t warned him that I would do this, while he made the rule that I should emasculate myself to him he had only ever made me suck him upto that point.  so it was a little bit of a surprise for him.  Now it is a fairly regular occurance and he does take pleasure in making me aware that as the beta in the relationship he can use me both orally and anally.



so that had been the original plan, my weekend with Mistress Kerri had relieved some the building pressure that I had had in my slightly blue balls.  but then the plan went slightly off programe with Madam’s mother falling and fracturing a wrist and badly bruising the other (there was some concern that she may have fractured both).

so after the first few days of all family members pitching in to look after her I offered to be the nurse and maid for her, I could do my work via her internet, working from her lounge and staying in the spare room, that way Madam and her sister could go back to work.

I know how to keep house and Madam’s Mother wasn’t a bad patient to look after.

The thing that had the impact on my chastity extension was that I couldn’t dress as I would at home and we couldn’t maintain our usual routine.  of particular importance to Madam was Disciple Reviews on Thursday evenings.  So Madam came up with the alternative that for each of my misdemeanors would each have points allocated and once I reached a level of 30 points then a week would be added to my chastity period.

Madam would come up on Fridays and spend the weekend with me and her Mother, there was very little opportunity to do anything to heavy on the FLR side of things.

So how did I misbehave so much to score the Misdemeanor points?

Easy, I normally wake Madam each day with my tongue and ensure that she goes to work having had an orgasm, well 5 missed orgasms each week results in 10 points (2 points for each) straight away.  Madam having to prepare her own evening meal – 4 night at 2 points each so you can see getting 30 points can be quite easy.

I’ve been back home now since the start of the month and full time as billie.  Both Madam and Sir are teasing me.  Madam spend most week day evenings lounging in her lingerie now in full well that such a sight is a frustrating turn on.  also Madam has not pegged me since I have come back and last weekend I begged Master if he would fuck me, the result was “I’ll think about it!”, the best I got was a spanking and a then a light fingering – not enough to do anything but enough to add to the pressure.  I do have cruel dominants, but I do love them!



I wouldn’t change anything!  I just hope that I’ll be fucked next weekend when Master comes over!


Resuming Normal Service

From Mistress Alice

Alice in weird land

Good Evening, I’m hoping that we are back to semi-normality (we hope).  Please excuse our absence over the last few weeks but Mother fell and broke her wrists and Mick had to step into the breach and help look after her and has been total star.

The last time that we wrote in detail was with Mick coming home after his 2 weeks on the road and we were getting ready for Valentines Day and our weekend away.

Mick came back from his work trip and we had the weekend together as a couple, John came over and had sunday dinner with us – yes all very domestic, but quite necessary as I had missed my husband and besides John would be having me on Valentines day and also at the weekend.

Valentines day was lovely with some nice presents from billie (Mick had been put back into the background and billie is very much in play at this point.)  and from John.  The present that I gave to billie was some debenhams vouchers and told him that he would get his real present at the weekend.  I had a lovely Valentines night out with john and stayed over at his place.  On the Friday I came home and found that billie had packed my bag for going away for the weekend, as we were catching an early train into London.

Now billie knew where we were booked into, he had done the booking – John paid for it but billie does the bookings.  I don’t know at this point other than John letting me know that it is central and that it has plenty of Stars.

Once John arrived billie is summoned to the living room and I inform him that he is to pack a bag as he coming to london with us.  the look on his face was a delight as he thought this was his surprise, but that isn’t the case.  John told him to book a taxi for the morning to take all of us to the station.  The next morning we all headed to the station and I handed billie his ticket and seat reservation, he would be in the next carraige as I couldn’t get a seat near to our original booking.  the train was quite busy so I was glad that I had pre booked seats.

when we got to london we got together and I gave billie his accommodation booking, I had booked him into the Travelodge at Central City Road, near old street tube station.  he had a little bit of time to kill before he could get the room so he was told to do a little bit of shopping or sight seeing , grab some lunch and I would meet him in his room at 2 pm, he should be stripped to his lingerie and kneeling facing the door ready for my arrival.

John and myself then set off to book in to our hotel, which I was really surprised when the taxi dropped us at the Savoy! Lovely!

Billie texted me that he had arrived at the hotel and the room number that he was staying in.  At 2pm I arrived at the room, the door was unlocked (well partially open as it is those key card thing) I walked in and billie was on hands and knees wearing a quarter cup bra, a waspie, black stockings and a pair of heels, no panties for dear little sissy.  I made him stand up and circled him, inspecting him, all very nice just as I want him.  “are you ready for your valentine’s present?” and the reply was a dutiful “Yes Ma’am”.


I made him get on the bed and using the few bits that I had brought especially for the job I tied him spread eagle out on the bed.  the poor frustrated baby was having his sissy clit twitching in it’s cage all through the process, not quite dribbling but I’m sure it would be shortly.

I then took a cock gag from my bag and fitted that to billie’s mouth as I didn’t want him making too much noise.

The next thing that I did gave billie a bit of a surprise as I took of the silver chain that I have round my neck with key to the chastity, I showed it to billie and then laid it on the small table next to the bed “keep an eye on that dear!”.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear that I was just popping out and going for a coffee.  I picked up the key card and left billie to his frustrations, tied to a bed in his very nice black underwear with the key to the chastity just 3 feet away.

There is a coffee shop just down the road from the travelodge and I went and found a seat and waited.  I didn’t have to wait long until billie’s real present turned up – Kerri, and wow she looked stunning!

She was decked out in Black leather Jacket, mini skirt, knee high boots and seamed stockings that you could just catch the welts of the stocking tops as she walked.  She had on a black bob wig and her make up was black, she was clearly going for the Goth Mistress look and boy did it suit her – I was so nearly tempted to get her to come back to the hotel with me and spend the night with me and John but that would have been very mean to billie.

we had a chat over a coffee and I passed over the room pass and told her what room and what floor.  I also told her that the key was on the table next to the bed. about 20 minutes later I walked with her to the travel lodge, gave her a kiss and then watched her head in towards the lift and head for billie’s room.

Kerri was billie’s present for valentines day but the present was actually Kerri’s as she had been told that billie was hers to play with until our train home on sunday night.

Also I was a bit of a bitch to billie – The key that I left in the room wasn’t billie’s –  it was Kerri’s and to the best of my knowledge Kerri made very good and full use of her freedom that weekend!

I do think that billie enjoyed his weekend serving Mistress Kerri even if he was still trapped in his cage, he was rather tired at the end of the weekend.

Oh by the way, billie’s period in chastity has been extended to the start of May, but I’ll let him explain that part himself.

We’re still here -just a bit pre-occupied!

From Alice and Mick,

Folks please bear with us, we are still around and this blog is still live but we have been a little bit focussed on vanilla life at the moment, with Alice’s Mother.  nothing serious, but it does mean that we are doing quite a bit of time with family at the moment.

We appreciate that we haven’t update here for a few weeks but we will get round to it so please bear with us and hopefully we will be posting soon.


Alice and Mick/ billie


Nearly done, Looking forward to getting home and serving Breakfast.

Well I’ve been away about 10 days now. With Southampton, Guildford, Salisbury and Exeter out the way it is just a case of dealing with Bristol and then I can head home on Friday. There was a period of time when I spent lots of time on the road and I can see that with the people around me as I stay at each of the venues. I’m quite glad that this is a one off and that I don’t have to do this regularly any more.
I’ve been away from Madam before during our FLR but generally it has been for no longer than 5 days, even when Madam has been away with her work, which she does about 3-4 times a year, she is normally back at the weekend. So we are rarely apart and that is a comfort.
I have missed her and also the rigors of our lifestyle. I know Madam still exerts her control over me at the distance with the chastity and my underwear but I do actually want to be home and be her House-husband/wife. I do actually crave being under her control, it is quite reassuring, is that the submissive part of me craving my fix of Domination?
Not that I have been cut free from my Madam or Master on this trip. Madam has text me daily, often to enquire what I’m wearing or to tell me what I have to wear. We have Skyped on several evenings – Last Wednesday Madam Skyped from Master’s house to let me know that she was spending the night with him and to tease me with what she was wearing to greet him when he got home. Yes things were rather uncomfortable in my chastity cage! I’ve even had Master call me to ask how things are going and check that I’m behaving myself !?!?
The one thing that I do miss is my morning routine of waking Madam, it isn’t just the same just having to get up washed and dressed and then heading down to Breakfast. I should be bringing breakfast to Madam and then teasing her awake with my tongue.


But only a few more days and I’ll be back in my rightful place, at her feet as her devoted submissive. It’s all about knowing your place and role in each other’s lives.

Packing my Husband’s bag

From Madam Alice:

Alice in weird land

Sunday night will see me kiss my two boys goodbye as they will both be leaving me.  John will be heading back to his home ready for his working week and Mick/ billie will be heading down to Southampton and the south of England for 2 weeks.

I’m not going to be lonely, I can go and stay with John if I wanted and I probably will a few time, I’ll have an itch to scratch and John will certainly accommodate that for me.


But it will be Mick that I’ll miss, he is my husband after all, and 2 weeks is quite a bit of time for him to be away – when he was full time working for his company’s back in his “Alpha” days it was not uncommon for him to be away for 4 weeks or more, on the road and for a period in the 90’s he was away overseas, often for up to 4 months at a time.

yes the money was very good and those days and his hard work laid the foundations (and more) for the way we live now – a good house, a “very good lifestyle” and a good standard of living.  but it came at a price and while the money came in, it was breaking Mick.

So now I do slightly fret about my lovely husband, not that I don’t trust him – he is caged afterall.  but I want to make sure that he is in a good place and frame of mind and that he is not pushing himself to much or too hard.

He has been employed by a company that he has worked for in the past and he is familiar with how they work and what they want.  He is doing an assessment and review of their 6 sites over the south of England and also delivering some training to them, so he will be travelling about and also working the weekend.  It is a good paying “Job” and it will allow Mick to feel that he is maintaining his contribution into the household  even though I am the principle breadwinner now.

So what is the plan – well we’ll chat via skype, I may even give him a show via skype when I visit John, won’t that be lovely for my caged hubbie?  I’m going to pack his bag for him on sunday morning.  All girly underwear, a few pairs of stockings – I’ll expect him to go and purchase some more as he travels about and some of his babydolls and teddies for sleeping in.  I’ll expect him to have lingerie on at all times.

I’ve also been putting some of my knickers in sealed bags for him, just in case he misses my smell and taste – yes I have been rather naughty while wearing them –  the things that you have to do for your husband! I’m expecting a very frustrated husband to come back to me  on the 9th of February.

But my main thing is that we will talk each day and probably Skype as well.  I’ll want to know that he is alright and that he isn’t struggling or getting angry/ annoyed or Frustrated (not in my way but in the angry Alpha way).



“The Weight” by Jack Vettraino


And I will wait for my husband and submissive to come back home, so that I can make him feel loved and wanted, and he can make me feel complete.  That’s the kind of relationship that we have.  Strange to some but it works for us.


In thoughts of you

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettraino



All of the images(except the Alice in weirdland at the top),  are Jack Vettraino artworks, we have prints of these and a few of his erotic ones around the house.  Mick has a print of “The Weight” in his office and keeps it there as a reminder of how he was when he pushed himself too far and too hard with his work, and I have “in thoughts of you” in the bedroom, it’s there to make sure that I always think about my wonderful husband, particularly when I’m there on my own.

Is it just me?

I’m currently between meetings here in London and making free with the Wifi.  Alice dropped me off this morning at the train station and I headed into “Town”.  My visit to London is to finalise the details for my 2 weeks away out on the road.


It was interesting to see Madam’s post from last night, I went to bed early as I was completely knackered from the weekend.  The biggest thing was that my feet were still recovering from a weekend of having 5 inch heels locked onto me, the only respite was for my showers and then it was back into the heels – even sleeping with them on!

Alice/ Madam was very kind and allowed me to wear a pair with 1″ heels yesterday and today I’m wearing a set of sensible brown brogues – not sure that stilettoes would be appropriate for the meetings!

It is interesting last nights post and looking at it – is it just me?  I don’t think that it is but at times it is difficult to articulate the feelings of humiliation are also a turn on.


It is a complete contradiction – The frustration of the chastity gives me focus onto Alice, either as my Wife or as Madam.  The humiliation of being a submissive sissy and cuckold is a turn on.  Being punished by my wife and occasionally her lover, having to ask for those punishments and saying thank you after receiving them.  and so on and so on.  It is a complicated dynamic and I suppose that for those looking in from a vanilla standpoint it looks weird – we get a few emails and messages that just ask “why?” and it is difficult to describe, particularly if you aren’t in the lifestyle, and perhaps that is why it may be difficult or taboo to move from one side of the lifestyle line to the “kinky side”.  I don’t know?


Looking back I don’t know what was the original trigger event that started everything.  was it an adventurous vanilla sex life when we got together, was it earlier?

so many deep questions!  Lets not dwell on it too long, lets just go with it……


Early to bed for billie

From Madam Alice:

Alice in weird land

I sent billie off to bed early this evening, the poor dear has had a rather busy and tiring weekend.  I thought I would do a bit of an update just prior to heading to bed myself.

Last Thursday evening billie presented himself in my study for his weekly assessment report, some minor infringements, a few merits and one major punishment for allowing “Alpha Mick” to appear and for not having the self control to stay calm.

I must admit that I was torn over giving this punishment, 6 strokes with the riding crop, If I had been in his situation I would have reacted the same way, but…he did show a lack of self control and it was something that we both discussed a few years ago, Alpha Mick must be controlled and there is a time and a place for him to manifest himself and on this occasion it wasn’t appropriate – really.  besides it was billie that raised the point and he asked very sweetly to be reminded and corrected of his error and lack of control.

so with a rather warm bottom I directed billie to sit on his punishment chair and we would “discuss” his next release from his chastity.

At the moment he is caged in a pink hard plastic CB6000s (the small edition), he has been in this since Boxing Day.  I informed him that I wanted him to remain in chastity until the 2nd of April (the 1st being on a weekend).  He would continue to be released for washing and shaving twice a week and I would supervise these occasions as normal. I also informed him that he would remain in the CB6000s.


we have several chastity’s for billie and we often change them over to give some variety.  I think that billie had been hoping to be swapped over to either the metal CB6000 (normal) or the CB3000.  But no, I want him in chastity until April, I want him horny, frustrated and compliant.


He becomes so keen to please when he is frustrated, for a sissy in his 50’s it is wonderful to see him so horny.

We had a good chat together and I explained that this year I wanted to have him more submissive to me and to John.  I will still be his primary focus but I want to see him submit sexually to John more often, both orally and anally.

I also told him that it wouldn’t just be a case of bending over and being fucked, to be the passive partner. Oh no I wanted him to be active and proactive.

At this point I was rather excited and had billie crawl round to me and to serve me while I continued to talk about what I hoped for over the coming months.


When all things are said billie really does know how to worship me and his tongue is wonderful and John is very complementary about Billie’s capabilities at cocksucking, all rather crude but true.  It would appear that I’ve taught him well (Carol and kerri also need to take the credit as well!).

I explained to him that I planned to peg him more with my strap on as well, my intention is to working him towards an anal orgasm.  My strap-on is 7 inches in length, this is shorter than John and it is also thinner in girth compared to John.  while I want to make love to billie with my fake cock I want him to feel the pleasure of John’s cock entering him.  Now my husbands penis is very nice and I can orgasm from it quite nicely thank you, it is not quite comparable to John’s cock, 5″ comparing to a nice thick 8.5″.  also when you consider that 5″ penis is under lock and key in a 2″ cage, it just makes me excited thinking about it.  The strange thing for those who may not be in a FLR relationship is that that excitement is reciprocated by billie.


The thought of being kept in chastity and deliberately kept horny obviously played to his humiliation streak but clearly we will be using this to deepen his vicious circle of humiliation, which is a turn on, this makes him horny which makes him frustrated which makes him crave the humiliation and so on.

Am I wicked for creating this or am I a loving wife creating this opportunity for my wonderful submissive husband?  If I’m not careful billie will be changing my blog picture to one similar to the one he has for Carol.  I’ll leave you to think about it while I go to bed, Goodnight!